Sun Mars Transits

Sun Mars Transits

Sun Conjunct Mars

Mars is the planet of action and easily misunderstood due to the war-like associations attached to the red planet. I am not saying in a broader astrological sense they do not apply. But on a personal and soul level, it’s time for us to ditch those and instead see ourselves as warriors for something good. The day that the Sun meets your natal Mars in your chart – which only happens once every two years, is a day when you can tap into an almost limitless source of energy to begin something or get something done. Passion? You’ve got that too.  Wear something red and whatever you do – take action. This can be anything from starting a project, finishing one, physical activity (as the old ruler of Scorpio and your 8th this includes that one too!) or channelling what is a desire to do something into an area that ignites your soul. This transit is best for working on your own or where you can show your leadership qualities. See yourself as the director of your own production. If you end up tied to a desk working on routine matters you are likely to feel restless and irritable. If you have been putting off something – and this includes dealing with that difficult person or situation, then this transit could see you tackle it. Above all, the Sun/Mars conjunction is about ownership and affirmative action. Your confidence and energy are high. Make sure you are a Warrior for Creativity, Passion and Right Action and you could see fabulous results.

Sun Sextile Mars

This is an angle of achievement where you can get things done and bask in your accomplishments afterwards! Your confidence receives a soul-surge and you are up for tackling something like a pro where before you might have hesitated or been filled with doubt. You’ve faith in yourself and your ability to achieve without being reckless or over-confident. What’s more, you can take away the feeling from this experience and tap into it again for the future. While this transit may put you in a position where you take control on some level – even if it is your own destiny, you remain in a cooperative mood and are mindful of the needs of others. So, you strike the right balance as you’ll be happy to share the spotlight or strive for that win/win solution.

Sun Square Mars

Delve deep within and before you act, look at what is really driving you. This may be more difficult than it sounds as this is a tense angle. You will not be in a mood to suffer fools gladly now. You are likely to react without thinking things through. I am not saying you may not have just cause. You may be confronted by people who seem to be going out of their way to provoke a reaction from you. This transit may ask you to look at boundary issues. This may be more about your ability to assert yourself rather than the actual person who has crossed the line. Have you allowed this to go on without speaking up until now? What prevented you from doing so before? Why have you allowed this to happen? These are the questions only you can answer and again, by looking within rather than who or what is causing conflict in your outer world. Look back six months. Did you find yourself in a similar situation back then or did you neglect to take action when you really should have? Your energy level at this time is at a peak. You can harness this to achieve a lot but don’t rush as if you do accidents can occur. Monitor yourself for signs of getting impatient and again, ask yourself if it is the person or situation you are confronted with that is causing your irritation or someone or something else entirely? There is nothing wrong with anger. Anger tells us that somewhere down the line our boundaries have been violated. Just ensure your response is in direct proportion to what is happening in the moment. If you are feeling frustrated now, try to find a constructive outlet for your energy. You can be a powerhouse of achievement now with the right focus.

Sun Trine Mars

Do you need to make a fresh start in your life on some level? If so, this transit is the one under which to do this. What do you want to achieve or accomplish? What are your goals? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, this is the transit under which to find them. You have a renewed focus now and it’s important to have a fire burning inside for whatever it is you want to do. You may be put in a position in the near future where you have to stand up for what it is you want. This is therefore no time for anything in your life that you feel ambivalent about. Love it or leave it. This is also very much a transit of being unafraid to be yourself which goes hand-in-hand with knowing what you want. If you have to strike out and forge your own path, you’ll have more than enough courage to do that now.

Sun Opposition Mars

Peak experiences and matters coming to a head.  You can bring projects to a successful conclusion now. But the results depend on you being driven by strategy and being able to control your emotional responses even if you are tested. The Sun/Mars opposition can bring up confrontations. You could even be faced with people who have been previously on your side or supporting you, suddenly doing an about-face. If this happens, rather than seeing them as being deliberately obstructive or difficult, try to think of them as helping you test or refine whatever it is you want to achieve. Under this influence, it’s easy to see what others are doing as a personal attack and become defensive. However, this may not necessarily be the case. However, arguments and conflicts with loved ones are likely – especially if things have been festering for a while. Again, try to see this as an opportunity to clear the air. Used correctly, this energy motivates you to come up with a workable solution – plus a sense of relief! If you repress your feelings at this time or avoid dealing with issues, be warned. Energy always demands expression. Turned inward this energy could manifest in the form of self-destructive behaviour, accidents or illness. Keep a cool head even if your heart burns with fire now.