Sun Saturn Transits

Sun Saturn Transits

Sun Conjunct Saturn

The term ‘heavy duty’ comes to mind but please, don’t fear Saturn. Every planet carries with it both positive and negative influences. And every transit contains a polarity. The trick to maximise the positive is to understand the area where the planet or transit wants to focus our energy or refine our experience. Once we know this, we can work with the energy rather than against it. Saturn is associated with hard work but he is about so much more than that. He requires us to take care of our responsibilities and to create some kind of structure within our lives. For he knows that it is through this we fulfil our potential. Saturn is all about taking responsibility and authorship. Being the author of our own lives. He rules authority figures and he requires us to also take authority for our own lives. This transit brings a focus on your work and responsibilities, planning and structure and doing those things that you know need to be done. This may mean a day where you focus on your duties and obligations to the exclusion of everything else. Other areas of life may take a back seat and it is very much a day for going it alone.  It’s not a high-vibe day and this means focussing your energy where it is needed to go as you don’t have any to spare. Focus, duty and responsibility may be boring, but they will see you through. 

Sun Sextile Saturn

Just do it! This is one of the best transits for getting things done so hit the ground running. You’re able to go the distance when it comes to seeing projects through to their conclusion. Work and career matters are highlighted now and you bring self-discipline, attention to detail and professionalism to any task you undertake. If you’re looking to impress your boss – either your present or a potential one, your professionalism and results speak for themselves.  Bosses, mentors, father figures. Or people who are older or richer in life experience be they male or female. If you need advice or guidance, these are your best resources. Invest in what you can complete now and lay the foundation for future rewards.

Sun Square Saturn

Are the restrictions you feel today real or are they just self-created? That’s the question you may have to ask yourself now. Saturn is all about responsibility. We’ve already established that. This can be a difficult transit but if you are faced with restrictions, look back and see how the choices you have made in the past have contributed to these. If you are honest about any connection you find this is your first step to releasing yourself from them. You may feel a strong conflict today between what you want to do and what you have to do. Again, it’s going to be all about ownership and deferment. What this transit teaches us about all is that there are not short cuts. We have to do the work. Meet our responsibilities. Keep our word. You may wish you were anywhere else but where you are. And able to do something other than what you have to do.  But that’s not an option. Another way this transit may challenge us is via our ego. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what you have to do, or challenged by other people’s demands, have you asked for help? Often asking for help means letting go of our ego.  Today is all about self-discipline and finding a way to work within what we may see as restrictions. You can build a stronger sense of self now – even if it does require asking others for help.

Sun Trine Saturn

Explore the relationship between who you are and what you do. The Sun energises Saturn now giving you the ability to reach your goals or make significant in-roads towards them. Your long term career path, your home life, your business, and anything that represents the foundation on which the rest of your life is built, is highlighted. Today’s focus is all about working on what is important to you. Unlike other Sun/Saturn transits you enjoy the time spend on this. What’s more, you’ll see lasting results stem from what you work on now.

Sun Opposition Saturn

Take care not to become over-focussed on limitations and lack today. You could feel cut-off from others or extremely isolated. People, even those close to you, may appear remote, distant or uncommunicative. Or it may feel that demands placed on you by work or other areas in your life, are creating this distance. Sooner or later we all encounter periods where we have to balance what we need to achieve in the world, with our needs for love, connection and companionship. This could turn out to be one of those days. You may want to shut yourself away or focus entirely on work matters  but if you do this and ignore your feelings, you won’t achieve the results you are after anyway. Far better to take the time to be honest. And ask that others do the same when it comes to their feelings too. The result could just be that feeling of ‘you against the world’ vanishes and you’re able to do whatever needs to be done in a lighter frame of mine. Don’t fall into the trap of putting work before your personal life today. And don’t try to guess what someone is actually feeling or thinking either. You could be projecting or creating a void that doesn’t even exist. Do the work – but don’t be alone with your thoughts today.