Sun Uranus Transits

Sun Uranus Transits

Sun Conjunct Uranus

Who are you? Time to own what makes you uniquely and utterly you. Tune in to your inner self. Do you need to recapture your authentic essence? This transit helps you do just that. This day may be filled with surprises. Things may surprise you or you may even surprise yourself. If the latter occurs consider this just could be your authentic self asserting itself. What occurs today is designed to free you from any ruts you may have fallen into. Changes to your daily routine could occur. All I can say is, expect the unexpected. How you take advantage of the gifts that today may have for you will depend very much on how you view change. How attached are you to your present routine? How spontaneous are you? We can so easily get attached to a routine or specific way of doing things – even if it does not particularly serve us anymore. We can become anxious or annoyed if there is any deviation from it. Or we don’t enjoy last minute changes of plan. Yet something better may await us if we are willing to embrace it – but we’ll never find what it is unless we are open to it. People from different social circles or backgrounds may cross our paths. Last minute invitations could electrify our social life. A sudden change to that routine could lead to a fabulous discovery. Your life on some level needs a heart-starter – even if it’s just one you order from that great coffee shop you didn’t even know existed. Be flexible, open up to the sudden and exciting. It’s what the real you wants.

Sun Sextile Uranus

You’re open to something new now. The way you’re interacting with the world today says so much about you. There’s an openness about you. An insatiable curiosity. You’re projecting a vibe that says: I’m ready for something new! And the thing is, the world is responding in kind. You’re open to the unusual, the innovative, the unique. In fact, the more different something or someone is, the better. You also want to showcase whatever it is about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. You may dress differently today and if your opinions differ from others, you won’t be afraid to speak out. At the same time, you are open to looking at how they may view the world. Vive la difference! You can come up with innovative solutions and ideas that may be ‘ahead of the curve’. The only problem you may encounter is that others may not be ready for them. Not that this will worry you today as you don’t need anyone else’s approval. Make this a day for creative change.

Sun Square Uranus

Don’t get attached to plans during this transit and be prepared for sudden upsets. Sun square Uranus can be like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. Your car breaks down when you just had it serviced last week. That project you spend so long working on and everyone told you they loved? You’re now told you have to go back to the drawing board. People may be obstructive and difficult and challenge you both on a personal and a professional level. A relationship can come to a sudden end under this transit with little or no warning. You may feel like rebelling against your everyday life or what you feel are restrictions being placed on you.  Is there anything in your life which you know deep down you need to change? But you’ve put off doing this? If we don’t take the appropriate action in our lives, the universe – or rather Uranus, will do it for us. We hate our job but don’t look for a new one. Then we are suddenly fired. We’ve fallen out of love with our partner but stay out of fear and a need for security. They suddenly tell us they’re leaving. These are all the kinds of ‘surprises’ the Sun square Uranus can deliver. But if we’re honest they’re not surprises at all. Don’t put off what you know you need to do during this transit.

Sun Trine Uranus

Be the innovator, the entrepreneur, the change you want to see in your life today. You’ll be totally attuned to what’s new, exciting, electric and engaging and drawn to it (or draw it to you). Life becomes like your very own Discovery Channel.  IT, astrology, the internet, TV, broadcasting, science, science fiction, UFO’s, aliens – one, some or all of these could feature or intrigue you. You want to broaden your understanding of things and how the world works. Don’t be surprised if your new curious and open vibe also draws to you people who work or are interested in these areas. If you’ve been looking for a new area or interest to branch out into, today could see you discover or commit to it.

Sun Opposition Uranus

Close encounters of the unexpected kind feature under this transit. What they will be or who they will be with is another matter entirely. You’re filled with restlessness but for what?  Careful not to take it out on those closest to you. Thing is you may not know what you’re looking for so how can they be expected to? This is a U2 kind of day. You may think you want something, get it, and then find that’s not what you wanted after all. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. It may be extremely hard to put a finger on what it is you do what today. The best way to navigate a Sun/Uranus opposition is not to choose anything. See what the day brings you instead. This is a day to be lived moment by moment. So, what you think you need changes moment by moment. It may turn up. It may not. You can avoid frustration just by willing to be surprised. You could end up getting not what you think you want, but what you need instead.