Weekly General Astrology Forecast Dec 11

Weekly General Astrology Forecast Dec 11 2017

Hello, soul revival!
What comes back does so with new relevance
Good morning, Starshine!

If the full Supermoon of the 3rd which occurred in the sign of Gemini wasn’t enough to deliver some significant news or get us saying what needed to be said, this week offers a fresh portal to communications. It’s time to express our authentic voice.

The dazzling Sun meets pesky retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius on the 13th. Watch carefully, what stalls or else what suddenly comes to light again. Sagittarius is the sign of long-distance travel, mass media and mass communications, adventures and expansion. Mercury is the planet of movement, communication and ideas.

You’re confident now perhaps overly so, and the Sun could highlight discrepancies with communications – what you said or sent out previously could come back to haunt you. Proof-read everything, check times and date yadda yadda. The upside of this juicy little transit is that long-delayed news arrives or if you had hesitated before about saying what you needed to say, that opportunity presents itself again. This time – go for it.

The whole past flavour increases as Mercury meets La Amore, Venus, in Sagittarius and big loves, far away loves, love of adventure and creativity gets re-kindled. Is something bigger part of your soul path? Have you not claimed it? For some, as both Mercury and Venus trine the North Node in Leo, an old lover could reappear or for others, a lost opportunity to shine. There’s a sense of revival around all of this. A bit like a colourful ‘70’s musical that’s suddenly hip, joyous and revealed to be oh-so-relevant to what’s going on after all.

Venus is the morning star as well as the evening one, and Mercury is her messenger. The 15th could be a Good morning, Starshine retro moment for many of us. The Sun arcing across to Uranus planet of surprises the next day backs this up. Surprises could just change the course of our destiny – or make us re-think what that destiny is. A soul healing is arriving. The Cosmos is encouraging us to love ourselves, to express our unique soul and create, create, create.

In a nutshell: Something from your past could turn out to be part of your future after all. All of us could be looking at a soul revival. Destiny just got full of surprises this week.

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