Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 5

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 5

  • A ‘stand by me’ week
  • Healing, balance and compassion rule
  • Show what you stand for

Healing, balance, compassion and the Law of Karma. Now, if we apply the first three to our lives what we would all end up with is good karma. How about creating some fresh karma this week? It’s not just about reaping what we sow now but planting the seeds for later.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Aquarius but Venus moves this week into Pisces, the sign of higher love, higher dimensions, spiritual truths, empathy and compassion. Venus in here can have us reaching without ourselves because we all have these qualities inside us. Aquarius is the sign of the individual and also while it’s associated with rebels and mavericks, it’s also about taking individual responsibility for our actions and choices.  And what message this sends to the collective. What do you personally stand for or stand by?  Ceres and the North Node are in Aquarius’s opposite sign of Leo. So, we have the planet associated with reaping what we sow and a karmic point in the sky being impacted on by Mercury, plus the Sun who hits two major asteroids – Astraea and Hygeia in Aquarius this week. Astraea is all about balance and Hygeia rules healing. Ceres is linked to abuse of power as is, funnily enough, Hygeia.

So, imbalances will be addressed quite possibly publicly in the collective as Mars trines Ceres from Sagittarius which rules the mass media. On an individual level, we may all be looking at the harvest we’ve gathered from our actions and the important thing for all of us while the Sun remains in Aquarius is to own the good and bad choices we’ve made – and if we don’t like the results, make different ones.  And above all, to show what we stand for. Because to preface Katy Perry: if you stand for nothing, you fall for everything instead of something worthwhile.

In a nutshell: This could be a week where we see the return of healing, balance and compassion. Qualities we all need right now. It’s all about ownership –and karma this week.