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Venus enters her ruling house in your chart (2nd) this week along with Mercury. Expect a renewed focus on your income, assets and values. A new source of income could open up with a job offer or side hustle you start yourself. Mercury lights up your mind with ideas and also the ability to sell yourself so much more effectively. Just keep an eye on your budget while Venus is in here as while she can boost your assets she can also have you spending money as fast or even faster, than it comes in. Usually on the finer things of life as Venus has a keen eye for the beautiful, the sensual and the pleasurable and only the very best will do for the Material Goddess. Mercury and Venus will both trine Ceres this week in your 6th which is Mercury’s ruling house. Once again indicating that a money making on income increasing plan may now come to fruition. Set the wheels in motion now.

Jupiter in your 9th turns retrograde this week in his ruling house. Jupiter retrogrades last a long time – this one until July 15. As Jupiter is going backwards in his ruling house in your chart, you need to focus on all things Jupiter-ruled – with added depth and the ability to be transformed during this cycle. These include travel – especially the long distance variety, people and organisations from overseas, academia, the law, the outdoors, sports, the mass media and animals – especially large ones and horses. Whatever is in motion in these areas may need to be reviewed, revised or in the case of business and travel – revisited.  You could also see the return for something which falls in one of the categories return now – that even includes that missed opportunity. As with all retrogrades even big ones like this, it’s more about repurposing what you have with an eye on the future rather than starting something new. Sometimes however, you can find something new or maybe something you missed, along a path you have walked before.

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