Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 5

Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 5

  • Think and act with love
  • What reappears demands a new solution
  • Think different

Mercury and Venus arrive together in the sign of head-and-heart-centered action this week. In the lead-up to Aries birthday season, it’s time to look carefully at individual actions and what we believe is right. Here’s the thing about Aries: they can rush in where angels fear to tread, but usually their heart is in the right place when they do so. Nothing like an Aries on your side to champion your cause. With both Mercury and Venus in here this is now about taking action with the head and the heart in balance, rather than rushing in, guns blazing, without thinking.

So, this week no matter what action you need to take, the key is to have a strategy and know that diplomacy is your weapon of choice. Shades of the past lie over this for all of us. This week could be all about actions we took or even failed to take, in the past. Situations could occur that seem eerily familiar on some level – especially as Jupiter, the planet of travel and expansion, now stations in Scorpio and will remain retrograde until July 15. Mercury and Venus will trine Ceres in Leo this week which again, could trigger something reappearing for us. The question is, how will we deal with it this time around?

Mars, ruler of Aries sits in Sagittarius and will trine Uranus in his ruling sign on the 11th. Uranus is all about the unexpected, surprises and thrills but also about thinking outside the square. Coming up with a new, innovative and revolutionary approach. If you faced with shades of the past, you’ve now got the ability to bring the head and the heart into alignment and take a radical new approach to an old issue. Back in the 90’s Apple, perhaps one of the most Uranian companies out there, ran an advertising campaign: Think Different. That should be the slogan for all of us this week – at least before we put our thoughts into action. When the head and heart work together there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

In a nutshell: It’s time to align our heads and our hearts before taking action this week. Seen it before? This week calls for a different approach.