Astrology – Mercury Jupiter Transits

Astrology – Mercury Jupiter Transits

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

Broaden your mind, expand your horizons and open up to more possibilities now.  Travel, all kinds of study and business activities are highlighted under this transit. News that arrives could literally ‘set you free’ on some level or mark the start of a journey – actual or metaphorical.  You could have dealings with people from overseas or become interested in exploring different cultures or belief systems to your own. Your curiosity is piqued and when it comes to other people’s ideas or points of view, you approach these with a tolerance and openness rather than regarding them as a threat. Your outlook broadens and you have a universal mindset today. You come across as enthusiastic and fired with optimism. The only down side of this transit it is that it is very much a broad strokes one. You’re concerned with the big picture, not the details. So, you can come up with a fantastic concept, but not how to get it done. This also applies to your goals. You may become suddenly aware now that you have more options that you previously imagined and find a new star to shoot for. But you may have to wait for a different transit under which to plan how to get there.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter

Hopes, wishes and dreams are important today as are the friends and groups that surround you. You may also be looking at how these two things are interwoven. We don’t usually attain a goal without the input or assistant of other people. This is an opportunity to get clear about what it is you want and to enlist aid from your larger network or circle if you need it.  This flows on in to your work and business dealings as you can enlist the aid of co-workers or clients as needed. It is also an excellent transit under which to sell something in – either yourself or a product or concept. Unusual, unique and different people or subjects can cross your path or draw you in now. You’re drawn towards these. Accept all invitations that come your way today, especially if they take you outside of your usual circles. It could be the people you encounter have a larger role to play than you would imagine when it comes to those goals.

Mercury Square Jupiter

Not your usual square as this can deliver a favourable outcome in business. You bring something to a successful conclusion, win that business or job, sign that contract, fly through that exam or grasp that goal. If you set new goals at this time – especially if they have anything to do with anything to do with business, work or travel, you will infuse your plans with a blend of optimism and excitement which can sustain you until you reach them. The only downside to this transit is that it can make you sloppy when it comes to details. You’re so focussed on the destination, you’re neglecting the journey – or what’s right under your nose and requiring your attention. Don’t neglect the small stuff in your desire for something bigger.

Mercury Trine Jupiter

You may feel lucky under this transit. And it may feel that you are as unless there is another longer term transit negatively affecting this one, this is a day where everything can just seem to go your way. This lucky streak can include everything from news you have been waiting for to grabbing a bargain. In fact, one ‘lucky’ break can follow another today as you seem to be on a roll when it comes to generating successful outcomes. Some of this however is coming about due to past efforts on your behalf, so don’t write all of this off to pure luck as chances are you set the wheels in motion for this to happen yourself. But luck is a state of mind and tends to attract more. Hence you can feel on a high over one thing, and you draw to you more of the same. The only downside to today is that you really can’t be bothered with the small stuff. So, if you can schedule anything that requires you to concentrate or pay attention to the details for another day if you can. Your mind is off, exploring all that potential and possibility that surrounds you now.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter

Unlike other oppositions, the opposing energies you would normally feel during these transits is absent. This is a great time to bring any kind of business, work or contractual activity to a close. Agreements can be reached now with both sides being extremely happy with the outcome. It’s important you remain focussed on the details however. Jupiter can tend to make us feel over-confident and also this can make us come across as arrogant to others. Plans that are already in motion can leap forward now and anything you start today may have that extra bit of impetus and luck attached to it. Launch yourself or your ideas out there now.