Astrology – Mercury Neptune Transits

Astrology – Mercury Neptune Transits

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

When Neptune is involved in any transit always remember that more than usual there are two distinct potentials involved. And you are likely to experience one of these rather than shades of both at any given transit. Bear in mind that as this is a transitting Mercury based transit, this only lasts one day. As opposed to its opposite, slow moving Neptune transitting your natal Mercury. Also bear in mind that Mercury in retrograde motion on a Neptune transit will manifest differently and at this time the ‘Neptunian’ elements will be more empathised. This transit can increase any psychic abilities you have, enable you to express feelings you would normally have difficulty with, and deliver truly inspired ideas that appear to have been channelled from a source outside yourself (take it that they have!). You are capable of harnessing your imagination and using this to produce creative work or even just to come up with highly original ways of accomplishing your goals. So what’s the downside you can experience? Getting lost in fantasy and neglecting to test those ideas out for practical purposes. Or that connection for that matter. You could meet someone who isn’t all they appear to be. This is not a good transit under which to enter into any kind of business or even personal arrangement, sign a contract or strike a deal. Under this transit, if something looks too good to be true – take it that it probably is.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

Inspiration and imagination invite you into the world of dreams and fantasy. As with any Neptune transit remember, this can manifest in one of two ways. You can channel this into psychic insight, dream analysis, soul exploration or even creative works. Fantasy and romance novels, inspirational books or even films or TV shows,  invite you in and can even open up your own creative flow or just provide you with a healthy dose of pleasure and escapism from the real world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Your intuition is highly tuned now and you could also be amazed at what you are able to accurately pick up about people and situations. This is another excellent transit for any kind of psychic work or study. The downside? This isn’t a good day for any kind of work that requires you to pay close attention to detail or think strategically. Your mind is quite literally elsewhere today.

Mercury Square Neptune

Nothing is as it appears to be today. You need to ask yourself if you’re being kept in the dark? Or alternatively, are choosing to keep yourself there? You may not want to face reality so get all caught up in a fantasy about how you want things to be – especially if this involves someone else, rather than how they actually are. Or someone is deliberately keeping something from you. Remember, Mercury in his alternative guise is the trickster planet while Neptune rules not only secrets but hidden enemies too. What’s the upside here as there are always two sides to a Neptune transit. Well, for one thing your intuition is broadcasting loud and clear on the reality channel. It’s whether or not you are going to tune in and listen to it. This transit is also excellent for studying anything to do with metaphysical subjects, healing, religion, the soul and even theoretical physics. In other words, anything you may not be able to see but nonetheless exists. There is also a strong link to your past and people from your past may reappear now especially if one or both planets are retrograde when this transit occurs. If they do, just bear in mind you may not have the big picture yet before getting reinvolved.

Mercury Trine Neptune

Your sensitivity and feeling of connection to the world around you, the hidden realms, the multiverse and your past increases now. This is a good transit to retreat a little and explore alternative worlds contained in books, film or TV or even to create one of your own. Where does your imagination want to take you? Explore any interest in the mystical and magical – this would be a good transit under which to study the Tarot or maybe even indulge in that fabulous new deck and then explore its imagery. If you are getting together with people today, your conversations are likely to revolve around these subjects rather than mundane, practical matters. The downside? Because there are always two sides to a Neptune transit. Well, it’s those mundane, practical matters. It’s really not a good day for detailed work or anything really that requires you to be ‘present’ in the present. You may be here in body, but your spirit is off attending to more beautiful, soul-inspiring matters today.

Mercury Opposition Neptune

Too much information! You could feel confused, foggy or unclear. Even around subjects you are usually practical and grounded over. What’s happening? The answer is that today you simply know and perceive too much. Your increased insight, empathy and intuition under this transit basically means you pick up on every little thing everyone is feeling or broadcasting. With the result you go into psychic overload unable to process all these feelings and insights faster than they come in. In fact, you can end up wondering if you are actually feeling someone else’s feelings. Everything may appear slightly out-of-focus and blurry. Reality looks distorted. It may also be very difficult to make others understand you. Even if you go to great lengths to explain things clearly, misunderstandings seem to result. Any work that requires attention to detail should be put off if possible now or if you cannot do that, wait a couple of days and re-check it before sending it out. The upside to this transit? Yes, there is one! Sift through all that information you’ve received and you’ll have accurate answers to almost any question about anyone. You know what people’s motivations, agendas (if they have one) and needs are. There’s no big mystery. But you have to unravel it first.