Astrology – Mercury Saturn Transits

Astrology – Mercury Saturn Transits

Mercury Conjunct Saturn

This transit favours any kind of work that requires precise, detailed or even strategic thinking. When it comes to any ideas – whether they are yours or someone else’s, any flaws are immediately apparent to you and you can set about successfully correcting these. This makes you the perfect person for anyone to come to for advice today as you have the ability to stick purely to the facts without being over-emotional. If course, this is also the down-side to this transit as while it is excellent for business, there’s the saying there is no room for emotion in business. So, you will see things in very black and white terms but act rationally rather than from the heart. You can come up with ideas and work towards something that can provide a solid foundation to build upon. Because this is a day where the head rules the heart, you are unlikely to be swayed by your emotions. As a result, this transit can sometimes indicate a parting of the ways with someone. But if this does happen, it will have been building for a very long time and come as no surprise.

Mercury Sextile Saturn

Look at the small stuff now and not those big dreams or anything that requires ‘blue sky’ thinking. What you need to focus on and have the ability to do, is to find the beauty in the details. Just don’t become over-critical however. Under this transit your heart is actually in the right place as if you do spot a flaw in something , you’re coming from a place of wanting to put it right. You’ve got knowledge to share now or someone has something to show or teach you. Be open to an exchange of ideas or more likely under this transit, experience. Watch for any tendency to shut yourself away. It’s one thing to do this in order to get the job done. Another thing entirely if you start to feel isolated or there is nothing in your world but work or study.  A day of concentration is one thing. But guard against this becoming a habit.

Mercury Square Saturn

Your depth of field today is quite narrow and as a result, your perspective may get lost in tunnel vision. You see only faults in things and what needs fixing. That’s good on one level as your laser-vision eye for detail hones in on those holes in plans and presentations and plugs them. However, you may become over-critical on this transit and find fault with everything and everyone – especially when it comes to things on the home front. The fact is, it may not be broken at all. Blame this transit which tends to have you focussed on the dark side of the spectrum. This can extend to feeling depressed or even pessimistic about the future. This can be made worse simply because you feel withdrawn and disinclined to reach out to others and socialise. Even if you cannot help but interact with others due to work commitments for example, there’s a tendency to misunderstand others or think the worst of people. So, those gloomy thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy simply because everything you look at or think about just seems to confirm them. The trick to escaping this is to understand it is just this transit that is causing you to feel this way. Mercury transits peak for one day so remember, tomorrow brings a change of perspective.

Mercury Trine Saturn

You’ll choose your words wisely now and can also access a deep resource of concentration and attention to detail if you need to.  Your dedication and determination get you and your ideas taken seriously. In fact, there’s nothing frivolous about this transit. You’re focussed on serious business now and whatever it is you want to accomplish will receive your undivided attention until it’s finished. Because you are quite literally ‘weighing up’ what you say before you speak, you’ll find what you say is taken more seriously and you’re able to command both attention and respect. Especially from people in positions of authority. You’ll see how saying less can actually achieve more when you choose your moment – or even your subject. This transit favours working alone or on something you have overall responsibility for. Unlike other transits involving Mercury and Saturn, you enjoy this autonomy. This can be an extremely productive transit especially for any work that requires extensive research or attention to detail. However, it isn’t good for anything that involves big picture thinking or bold strokes. Just ensure that when it comes to ideas, you don’t miss the wood because all you can see are the trees.

Mercury Opposition Saturn

Eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive may be easier said than done now. This transit tends to have you focussed on whatever it is that depresses you or you feel is lacking in your life right now. You may feel lonely, depressed, isolated, drained, overworked or just unsupported by people around you. Not a pleasant cocktail. In terms of relationships, if you don’t have anyone in your life at present, then this transit is likely to trigger thoughts such as ‘There are no good women/men out there’, ‘It never works out for me’, ‘I’m too (mix and match any or all of the following you feel apply) – young/old/fat/thin/ugly/beautiful/rich/poor/smart/stupid to ever find true love’. If you do have a relationship, you are likely to focus on anything and everything you feel is lacking in it, and completely ignore all the good aspects of it. Conversely, you may apply the same process to your career, telling yourself you’re not good enough, that nothing ever works out for you and that success has passed you by. Talking to someone may help you regain your perspective. If you do decide to share your feelings choose someone who you trust and who has the emotional maturity and life experience not to judge you. If in doubt, confide in a professional whose job it is to offer guidance. The way around this transit is not to close down, as it may make you feel, but to open up and share. Just choose who you confide in wisely for best results.