Astrology – Venus Moon Transits

Astrology – Venus Moon Transits

Venus Conjunct Moon

It’s more about being with the people you love than doing stuff today. Under this transit it’s easy to express how you feel. It’s not wildly erotic however and it’s more about hanging out and sharing than being physical. You’re highly attuned and intuitive now. You can tune in to what others are thinking and feeling. Today has a dreamy, romantic feel to it and you’ll respond to this by wanting to spend time with someone you are close to. If you have no partner this could be a very close friend or family member. While this transit doesn’t favour mundane tasks, this is an excellent day for anything creative as your appreciation for beauty, art and design is heightened now and you can channel this into work projects or hobbies. Female friends or relatives feature now and sometimes this transit indicates benefits coming to you via a woman. The only downside is a tendency towards laziness and overindulgence in food and drink. Make ‘Everything in moderation’ your mantra today.

Venus Sextile Moon

It’s a great time to have people over. To entertain or just hang out at home. You’ve a desire to cocoon, to beautify your surroundings or just enjoy what your home has to offer. In other words, pleasure is found in things that are  familiar now. Unless there is another transit occurring, you are unlikely to get drawn into arguments and conflicts today as you want to understand and compromise whenever possible. Peace and tranquillity are your goals now. If you are engaged in business on this day, it can turn out to be strangely successful for you. The reason being that anything you say or do comes from a place of emotional truth. Others pick up on this and respond favourably. Your project warmth, honesty and integrity. Prince or Princess Charming? That’s you today. Use this gift wisely so you don’t turn into a frog.

Venus Square Moon

Time to feel the love under this transit as this square heightens passion and desire. Your sexual self surfaces and demands release and recognition! Just guard against feelings of neediness, jealousy and possessiveness today. Even people who are not usually clingy can become uncharacteristically limpet-like under this influence. Also, watch for any tendencies to ‘smother’ your partner or act like mother instead of lover. In conjunction with another more influential transit, this square can bring up problems with women in your life. Very often if these arise it is due to one person acting like a parent towards the other. While this may be done with the best intentions, guard against this kind of behaviour as misunderstanding and arguments can result under this transit.

Venus Trine Moon

Love affairs can begin or romance gets taken to the next level under this transit. In your existing relationships you’ll work to make the love flow. Connecting to groups of people is favoured under this transit so it is an excellent day for making presentations, teaching, getting your point across or even performing as everything you say and do is backed by your emotional truth. Your sincerity is your calling card today. This is another transit under which entertaining at home or doing anything to beautify your home is favoured.

Venus Opposition Moon

Venus always wants to deliver beauty, love and pleasure. So, even in transits where ‘hard’ angles occur, with Venus involved, the emphasis is mainly on romance, affection and good times. Venus opposition the Sun brings your desire for harmony and ability to show you care to the fore. You want to show your love for someone and in the way you know they will most appreciate. ‘Drawing down’ creativity, dreams or intuition is another aspect of this transit. However, the other aspect to Venus transits is a tendency to over-indulge. The Moon rules our emotions so comfort eating or even emotional spending are just two ways this transit can show its only negative side. Try to find another outlet for those feelings such as making or creating something or even just asking for what it is you need emotionally. This is one of those transits where if we give in and overindulge, we regret it long after the transit has passed.