Astrology – Venus Sun Transits

Astrology – Venus Sun Transits

Venus Conjunct Sun

Time to shine! This is a day to be in the spotlight, to be noticed and also to create, express yourself and yes, to love. Venus is the planet of love and romance after all. You’ll want to show others how you feel and be loved in return now. If there’s no-one special this is a day of attraction. If you radiate you will attract back! So, if it’s love you’re after, ensure you can be seen. However, no matter what, this is a day of fun, pleasure and indulgence. If you’re not showing someone how much you love them you can show yourself. Deck yourself in glamour. Look and feel your best (we’re back to that theme of radiating now!). Show yourself some love. This is a wonderful transit for creativity, for entertaining and for expressing yourself in a light-hearted yet passionate way. You’ll create a fabulous impression wherever you go whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Venus Sextile Sun

This is more of a friends transit than a lovers one. Friends with benefits? Yes, most definitely but again not the romantic kind unless you have another transit happening that indicates romance. Good times with like-minded friends, new friends and people who can help you towards goal attainment do feature however. You can benefit from the generosity of a friend now or even hep from someone in a position of authority. Make an effort to socialise and even expand your social and professional networks. Group or collaborative creative ventures are also favoured under this transit. As is attending large scale events involving music, the arts or performing. Good times that can be shared by all are what this transit is all about.

Venus Square Sun

When Venus is involved even transits with hard angles get smoothed out. This one is no exception. Unless there is another more powerful and challenging transit occurring at the same time, this one should deliver a day where relationships flow easily. A love affair can easily begin under this transit. The only downside? You’re focussed on pleasure and enjoyment so unless you have a job where your work is also your passion, it’s not a good day for getting things done.

Venus Trine Sun

No matter what is happening in another area of your chart, this transit usually brings a day where you embrace the good things of life. You want to express yourself – creatively and on an emotional level. This is a good time to work on any creative projects or hobbies and if so, you’ll be pleased with the results. On the work front, anything that involves you collaborating with at least one other person is favoured. You feel both loved and loving in equal measure – whether you have a romantic partner or not. This is a transit that usually get us focussed on the beauty of what we have, rather than what we don’t. However, whether single or settled, this is a good day for romance. You feel close to the people in your life and that loved-up vibe just attracts more of the same. The fact you may not actually be looking for love today, just loving life, is what can paradoxically attract that potential lover to you. Live and love in the moment today.

Venus Opposition Sun

You could be the ultimate hedonist and pleasure seeker under this transit. And that could be the problem with it. Unlike other oppositions, this one just rubs off the harsh edges of life and usually delivers good times or experiences via friends or even romance. There’s often an opportunity to indulge in the good things of life, to have fun, party or just immerse yourself in beauty and romance. The problems that can occur due to this is that you neglect things you know need to be done and/or you overindulge in anything from sex to socialising. There is nothing wrong with any of this per se as we all need our share of pleasure, romance and indulgence every so often. Just take care you don’t tip into laziness or neglect deadlines or responsibilities today. Otherwise those good times may come with a big price ticket – and no after party!