Moon Sun Transits

Moon Sun Transits

Moon Conjunct Sun

No matter what your sign, this is your personal ‘New’ Moon and your starting point for a new cycle. It’s your personal recharge point for the month ahead. Expect a recharge as energy flows through you. The question is: what will you do with it? This is a time of the month where your energy is aligned and relationships, especially with partners or potential partners, go smoothly. Sometimes due to a long term transit, we don’t receive the gift of renewed energy (an astrologer can advise) we would expect. Just know it will come but may happen slowly. In which case, pace yourself. This is a time for optimism,, new beginnings and to start something new.

Moon Sextile Sun

No matter what’s happening in your life right now, you can step aside from emotional traps and look at things from a balanced perspective. You see what needs to be done (if anything) and can set this in motion now. This is another relationship-enhancing angle and usually brings about good times with friends and free-flowing interactions with partners or new/ prospective ones. It’s a wonderful lunar transit under which to be out and about and meeting new people. Unexpected opportunities may also appear and these may come via friends, contacts or people you meet. It’s all about connectivity.

Moon Square Sun

Tensions can surface especially around home, family or even your career. You may not have even been aware they have been bubbling away below the surface. And it may not be one major thing that’s upsetting you but a ‘final straw that broke the camel’s back’ scenario where several events at once combine to make you feel overwhelmed. If you look closely at what is happening, you’ll see your emotional security is being compromised in some way – or you feel it is. The things about others you may usually find endearing or else just part of their make-up, could now irritate you. If you are feeling annoyed with someone, be aware you may be using this as an excuse to vent. Look at what is the real reason behind you feeling the way you do. Again, it could all boil down to you feeling insecure and unsupported in a key area. If so, ask for what you need rather than just reacting.

Moon Trine Sun

A feel-good, freedom transit. You just relate now as relationships flow easily. This especially applies to partners and lovers. If you’ve just met someone, this is an excellent transit for that first date or the date where you can explore your emotional connection. This Moon/Sun transit is another one which bathes you in energy, giving you confidence to tackle any task – especially if it involves creativity or something you enjoy. But you can also use it for those things you have been putting off as with this comes the desire to get them out of the way and be free.

Moon Opposition Sun

Your energy is at a peak but you need to look carefully at how you are channelling it. Often this transit can see us working against ourselves without knowing it. While you can get a lot done, you may feel that you and others are on a different wavelength. Misunderstandings can ensue. Striking that work/life balance can be difficult under this transit and you can feel pulled in opposite directions. This is one of those transits where arguments about who does what on the domestic front can easily ensue. Sometimes the Moon/Sun opposition can deliver a surprise attraction. Be warned this is the literal ‘opposites attract’ scenario. You feel a sudden pull towards someone very different to you. Be warned, under this transit it may not last as you’ll discover you are just way too different. Enjoy it while it lasts however!