Venus Mars Transits

Venus Mars Transits

Venus Conjunct Mars

Love and desire, the Yin and the Yang of it all and above all attraction feature now. This is a fabulous transit under which to attract a new partner or find love. Venus is at her most alluring when she encounters Mars as her influence softens and opens him diluting his more ‘Martian’ tendencies. So, the result gives you more openness and a desire to compromise. It’s a transit of attraction, relating, passion and interconnectedness. You’ll feel closer to people across all your relationships now. Your partner, potential partner and also your friendships flourish. Don’t limit yourself now to just thinking about romantic and sexual relationships even though these are highlighted for you. You will be more outgoing and expressive and also feel good about yourself. You’ll make an effort to socialise more and because you feel desirable and attractive – show off. The result is you attract in kind – even if it is just new friends as opposed to romance. Your creativity soars also with your desire to express yourself so you may also channel your passion into creative works now. Get ready to express love in all its many forms now.

Venus Sextile Mars

Venus/Mars transits are all about bringing the balance to your Love Force and this one is no different! When Venus is sextile to your natal Mars the way is open to form sizzling new relationships and sparkling friendships. You can strike the perfect balance between giving ad receiving pleasure when making love – so this is also a transit which favours re-awakening the passion when it comes to couples who are settled – or taking that attraction to the next level if you have recently met someone. Parties, events and good times are also in focus and if you receive any invitations now accept them as you are likely to meet potential lovers or new friends when out and about. Your creativity needs an outlet so give it one especially if you have an idea for something different or an innovative way of channelling this. Financial matters are also in focus now especially around anything to do with a creative or innovative venture. Invest in yourself and your dreams.

Venus Square Mars

Balancing your own desires with those of others is called for now. Unlike most other Venus/Mars transits, this one can sometimes be a bit testing. Venus always seeks harmony and balance in relationships. But when the planet of love is square to your natal Mars, Mars is not interested in compromise – Mars wants things its own way. Usually this is not a problem as a healthy relationship is all about give and take and this could be your day to take a little more than you usually allow yourself. You may be on the receiving end of all the pleasure! However, if there are a few undercurrents or tensions between you and your partner, they can surface now and arguments could result. If you are not currently in a long term relationship, you could be a target for Cupid’s arrow now and be hit with a sudden and unexpected attraction for someone. However, it may be based on nothing more than thinking this person is extremely hot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Bear in mind that you may later discover you don’t have much in common when the initial attraction wears off. But Venus is all about pleasure so enjoy it while it lasts!

Venus Trine Mars

It’s all about the flow under this transit. The flow of creativity, beauty and romance. Venus and Mars enhance each other now in perfect sync. Any relationship that begins under the influence of this transit has an extremely good chance of going the distance. This applies not just to romantic possibilities but all connections that would fall under Venus’s rulership. These include business partnerships, collaborations, activity partners and your long term friends. No matter the kind of connection, there’s the perfect balance now between give and take and merging and individuality.

Venus Opposition Mars

Make love, not war under this transit. It’s either one or the other as these two planets oppose each other. If you are settled or already in a relationship, then whatever undercurrents operate within it will demand expression now. So, passion becomes amplified as you desire your partner more. However, if there are tensions or frustrations, these will come to the surface which is when this can tip into conflicts. This is a wonderful transit for self-expression however. You want to express your feelings and also your creativity. If you are involved in a creative profession or even have a creative hobby, all this passion can translate into something inspired that gives you a great deal of satisfaction. Single? A sudden, surprising and extremely hot attraction is likely under this transit. However, for it to last you’ll need the support of another transit in your chart. But make love your mantra now!