Venus Mercury Transits

Venus Mercury Transits

Venus Conjunct Mercury

Creative writing, communicating and good news are just three of the possibilities that you could encounter today. Get ready for banter, flirtation and allure. You can even apply these qualities to your business interactions as your ability to weave a unique selling proposition is enhanced now. All your interactions flow smoothly. You won’t want to get into anything too serious however – be this concentrating on a work project which requires heavy emphasis on the details or a deep conversation about the future of your relationship. You’ve a desire to keep things light hearted.  This day favours pleasure trips, making a good impression, weaving a little magic with your communications and business transactions especially if they are linked to the arts, entertainment, design or anything that adds or enhances beauty – whether it is for people or the world around you.

Venus Sextile Mercury

Favours from friends, good news around work or business, or just good times make this transit one of those days where things just seem to go your way. It’s like someone popped the positive goggles on you as everything or everyone you encounter today just seems to reflect your upbeat mood. This is all about enjoying the people who form part of your daily life and your immediate routine. You could discover unlooked for benefits or opportunities in your neighbourhood. You’re also able to work on your relationship to your money if that needs an upgrade. In fact, this transit is excellent for housekeeping discussions around any kind of relationship whether it’s with a friend or partner or just reframing your connection to work and money and seeing these in relationship terms. Benefits come via enjoying all your connections today.

Venus Square Mercury

Squares involving Venus usually produce an easy-going, free-flowing day and this one is no exception. You’ll make a conscious effort to steer clear of any conversation that could result in arguments or confrontations. You want to keep things light. So, this isn’t the best day for anything that needs serious discussion such as business deals or contract negotiations. You want to be amenable and this could see you not negotiating effectively as a result. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best either, so try to reschedule the serious stuff for another day if you can. The same applies to anything that requires your concentration. Today is good for sharing good times, especially with a partner or close friends – outings, concerts, exhibitions are wonderful experiences to share. Avoid shopping however as this is one of those transits under which you can easily buy things on impulse and then regret them very quickly. In very rare circumstances, this square coincides with another more challenging transit and can trigger an argument between you and someone close to you. But usually today is all about going where the conversation and energy take you.

Venus Trine Mercury

Get ready for long term results under this transit. Waiting to hear or to say the ‘L’ word? Today is the day it could be said. This is also a wonderful transit under which to embark on something –a trip, a project or a new job. There’s more than just optimism involved – there’s so much potential from which you can weave something that lasts. If new people come into your life today, it is likely they will become part of your long term future. So, this transit contains wonderful possibilities when it comes to love and romance. Any business dealings should work out today to your advantage. If you don’t have anything specific planned for today, it’s all about relaxing, recharging and reconnecting to beauty, creativity and optimism about your future.

Venus Opposition Mercury

This transit is all about opening up the lines of communication between you and someone else. Today is the right time to have the conversation – no matter what the subject is. And there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ topics. Only what needs to be said. Chances are you’ve been thinking about what needs to be said for a while and you’ll be the one to initiate the conversation. You’re able to do this in a way that no matter what the subject is that you are raising, especially if it involves your relationship, it doesn’t make the other person feel blamed or react defensively. Of course, what you are tabling may have nothing to do with personal relationships, as this is also a wonderful transit under which to talk about business, work-related topics or even talk to large groups of people. Difficult subject? There’s no such thing as that today. There are just items on your agenda, be they business or personal.