Weekly General Astrology Forecast April  9th 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast April  9th 2018

Hooray! This week sees the end of the Mercury Mayhem as Mercury’s retrograde period ends in Aries on the 15th. Please be aware that Mercury will remain in what we call ‘retrograde shadow’ until early May. This is the point in the sky where he began his retrograde. Until he passes this we may find that what I like to call ‘retrograde residue’ pops up – shadow versions of the kind of delays and snafus we are used to during retrograde phase. However, from the 15th it is time to begin to move to a proactive mode for all of us – Aries being the sign of action. Take advantage of the fire in your belly to create with passion.

Mars, Aries’s ruling planet is in Capricorn the sign of establishment, foundation and structure. As is the Black Moon Lilith and Pluto. The Sun still remains in Aries and we have aspects pushing us towards structured action or establishing foundations for ourselves now the Mercury retrograde is over. Venus, in particular, makes some wonderful angles from her ruling sign of Taurus. First to Mars on the 11th, then to Neptune on the 12th and again to Lilith on the 14th. The 14th also sees Jupiter make a powerful angle to Pluto in Capricorn from Pluto’s ruling sign Scorpio. What does this all add up to? Making a proactive change now but not just for our own agendas in mind but with compassion that includes others. There’s the possibility of higher healing as Neptune and Hygeia also meet in Pisces on the 14th. Breakthroughs are possible which could see us all involved in new support systems that are based on inclusivity, not exclusivity. We’re not far off the Age of Aquarius now. Yes, I know they all thought the 60’s was it. But fast forward and we’re in a position to be the new, more empowered flower children of the 21st Century. Maybe we have less idealism, but perhaps we also have new ideas of how it can all be done. This week could just offer a glimpse of the kind of possibilities that lie ahead. Blink, however, and you could miss that sneak peak.

When Jupiter Sextiles Pluto on the 14th it could be on of the most positive days of the year. One thing’s for sure, we are hurtling towards some pretty impressive transformations.

9 Apr 2018 MERCURY TRINE  CERES (Aries to Leo)

9 Apr 2018VENUS SQUARE  NORTH NODE (Taurus to Leo)

11 Apr 2018 SUN SQUARE  PLUTO (Aries to Capricorn)

11 Apr 2018 VENUS TRINE  MARS (Taurus to Capricorn)

12 Apr 2018VENUS SEXTILE  HYGEIA (Taurus to Pisces)

12 Apr 2018VENUS SEXTILE  NEPTUNE (Taurus to Pisces)

13 Apr 2018 SUN CONJUNCTION  ERIS (Aries)


14 Apr 2018 VENUS TRINE  BLACK MOON (Taurus to Capricorn)

14 Apr 2018 JUPITER SEXTILE  PLUTO (Scorpio to Capricorn)

14 Apr 2018 MARS SEXTILE  NEPTUNE (Capricorn to Pisces)

15 Apr 2018 Mercury (Aries) Turns Direct

15 Apr 2018 MARS SEXTILE  HYGEIA (Capricorn to Pisces)