Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 30th 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 30th 2018

  • Are you expressing or repressing your feelings?
  • What you resist, persists
  • Evolve your relationships

Full Moons always bring our emotions to the surface. Often we have been walking around unaware of them – or how deep they run and how they are affecting us. The full Moon allows us to acknowledge what we feel and also share these feelings. If you stop and think about it, emotions become intense and overwhelming when a) we don’t share them b) we try to repress them or c) we tell ourselves we should not be feeling the way we do. It all boils down to one simple full Moon rule: what we resist, persists.

So, step into the light of this week’s intense full Moon in passionate Scorpio first with the attitude you are absolutely entitled to your emotions. But you are also responsible for them. As others are responsible for their feelings. What you do about them is also your responsibility. Scorpio can be a very misunderstood sign even by astrologers. There is depth, intensity, passion but there is also extreme sensitivity too although this is often hidden. Don’t be surprised if your feelings run the entire gamut of these. Your desires may also surface and if they do, look at where you are being frustrated in expressing these. If this occurs, open up, share. Don’t fear how they make you feel and deny or repress them. This full Moon opens doors to transformation not just in ourselves but in our relationships. And doors let people in, so please do so now.

This particular full Moon makes tense but powerful angles to the North Node, that ever evolving point of destiny in the sky in Leo and Saturn in Capricorn. How we are destined to grow plays a role as does establishing an true emotional foundation for ourselves and other. So, feel entitled to your feelings. And let others in on your emotional world this full Moon.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon in deep, passionate Scorpio could stir up desires and intense emotions. Don’t keep them to yourself or repress them. Evolve your relationships and open up now.