Weekly General Astrology Forecast May 14th 2018 – Welcome to the revolution!

Weekly General Astrology Forecast May 14th 2018

  • What really matters? Establish priorities
  • Combine the spiritual with material living
  • Get ready for a new way of exchange

Think of the word exchange. And what it means. The act of giving one thing and receiving another. Currency exchange. Heated exchange. Stock exchange.  This week marks a new era of exchange as we have a new Moon and Uranus in Taurus, the sign of money. It marks the start of a new financial era. It’s no coincidence we talk about ‘bull’ markets. And we’ve all seen Fearless Girl, standing off against the bull of Wall Street. As usual, symbols are there to guide us and to give us the heads-up on what might be heading our way. Expect big shifts around money, our ways or rates of ‘exchange’ and our values while Uranus is in here. 

It’s a soul revolution. What do you feel you are worth? How is your self-worth? What does security mean to you? Are you clinging to unhealthy things purely for the sake of security? Uranus can also electrify us with a genius that could lead to untold abundance. Uranus is all about surprises as well as unusual opportunity. 

Mars enters Aquarius this week – Uranus’s ruling sign and will square with his position in Taurus. We’re going to see almost immediately what this means for assets, stocks and money. Mercury the planet of commerce and communication also in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn’s ruling sign. This will affect established businesses, corporations or even governments as well as the pounds, euros, dollars, rupees, dirham or yen in your pocket. 

The 19th sees Venus who incidentally rules money, possessions, assets and our values, arrive in nurturing Cancer. Here’s where everything gets focussed very close to home. To the basics around how much we need for what really matters. Cancer is all about home, family, security and the food on our table. What happens when some don’t have enough and others have far too much? We’re all going to be looking closely at our resources but above all, at our values. Expect a reshuffling of priorities on a personal and while Uranus is in Taurus, on a global market/material level. And get ready for new ways of exchange.

In a nutshell: It’s the dawn of a new era of exchange and being in the material world this week. And it’s about more than just money. As Sting would remind us: we’re spirits in the material world.