Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 25

Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 25

  • Reach for that star you think is beyond your grasp
  • Have a plan
  • There’s always more than one path to the top

We associate full Moons with peak experiences and the sign of Capricorn with peaks, top of the heaps and anything lofty – from high rises to mountain tops and ambitions. You also need to take action to get to the top. Mars planet of proactivity and passion heads retrograde this week in the sign of the individual – Aquarius. Time to consider the impact and the results that our actions have wrought in our quest to get to the top. Mars is associated with being impulsive and headstrong – of leaping without looking – or thinking. Mars retrograde allows us time to plan and also to see clearly that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So, when it comes to scaling those peaks, the Sun opposition Saturn in ruling Capricorn and a full Moon in Capricorn which also falls conjunct Saturn either sees us reaching the top (or at the very least approaching it) and planting our flag there, or else falling all the way down to the bottom again. Rises and falls or the need to go in a new direction entirely would be one result of this. We’re brought crashing back down to earth or we’re enjoying the view. Which is it?

Mercury enters show-stopping Leo and the talk could revolve around all the rewards we thought we’d find at the top of that climb – a material Shangri-La if you like. Was it worth it? This week’s full Moon combined with Saturn can boost our emotional stamina and have us reaching higher than we ever thought possible. The last day of June sees Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus asking us what is it we were climbing towards? Have the rewards equalled the effort? Have we succeeded on our own terms or to meet other’s expectations? Or just to get more ‘stuff’ rather than that breath-taking view? This week can see us raised to new heights – or dashed down. It all comes back to understanding what actions we now need to take. And if they are worth it.

Don’t forget with Mars going retrograde, joining a host of other big planets, we are entering a cosmic time machine. Why is our soul being dragged backwards? So that we can see our life journey through fresh eyes. We can heal, understand and transform our future by focusing on where we went wrong (or right!) When we come back to the future, we have a whole bag of tricks to help create a different way of being. The Full Moon reminds us to take responsibility for ourselves, when we do that, we fly.

In a nutshell: What are you working towards? What are you striving for? This week’s full Moon in ascending and ambitious Capricorn has us reaching for that unreachable star. 

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