Weekly General Astrology overview 2nd July 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 2 2018

  • What’s your real story?
  • Who or what ‘owns’ you?
  • Is your history repeating itself?

What we all say, write, broadcast or put ‘out there’ on the world wide web, our image, reputation, brand, ‘star quality’ (yes, we ALL have that!),  message – whatever you want to call it, is centre stage this week. Our on-line history could also feature – perhaps coming back to haunt some of us in all the wrong ways. At the very least, we may see once more how our data is being used by tech companies. The internet has been a fabulous tool for connecting us and allowing us all to showcase our individuality, but with fake news dominating the headlines, this week can see this get personal.  Real people – fake news. We’re all guilty of this on social media. Crafting that idealised, up close and personal view of what our lives are like – usually due to the pressure we feel because of other’s social media feeds. Hey, our 3,084 facebook (or is that fakebook?) friends all have perfect lives! We’re such failures. Now – let’s spin this so ours are just as Kardashian. Mercury who rules communication is in show-stopping Leo – the sign that’s all about shining and the way we roar. Mercury opposes retrograde Mars in Aquarius – the planet of action (sometimes hasty), in the sign of technology and individuality. So, we may be looking at a re-brand of ourselves or something we put out there may come back and in unexpected ways – good or bad. Here’s an idea: what would happen if for a week we all posted the truth about us? What’s your real story?

Elsewhere in the sky the Sun in Cancer – not just the sign of hearth, home and family but of intuition and exploration – yes, really. In ancient times people born under the sign of Cancer were considered ‘restless’ right up there with the Sagittarians due to their connection with the Moon’s influence on the tides.  This week the Sun will trine two planets both associated with higher learning, exploration, the sea and again, intuition. Jupiter which rules Sagittarius and Neptune which rules Pisces. Neptune is in its own sign while Jupiter sits in oh-so-deep Scorpio.  Secrets, our inner lives may not be as hidden as we think.  When it comes to how ‘well’ we are doing, is this another piece of fake news we’re not only selling others, but ourselves? Does what we own (or owe) in fact own us? And that includes our on-line image. What are we willing to pay for freedom? This week says the truth costs nothing – and will set us powerfully free.

In a nutshell: What are you saying? About yourself, your life, your ‘brand’. This week has us all looking at our public and on-line lives. The truth? It’s out there!

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (Cancer to Scorpio)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (Leo to Aquarius)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (Cancer to Pisces)