Weekly General Astrology Transits 30 July 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 30

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE  URANUS (Aquarius to Taurus)

  • Be grateful for what didn’t work out
  • Look back to leap forward
  • Reframe your past – re-write your future

We end July and head into August sailing on major retrograde weather. This week sees a total of five planets appearing to go backwards in the sky. I say ‘appearing’ because of course, retrogrades are illusions brought about by our earth-bound perspective. The planets cannot reverse their course. This heavy emphasis on looking back and the past will continue on into August when at one point we will have six planets in retrograde motion as Uranus will station in Taurus and then head back into Aries for one final visit. We will, however, see the cycle begin to break up next month as Mercury and then Mars will head direct again.

For now, it is all about gathering up the lessons we have learned from the past so we do not repeat it. It’s not about focusing on failure, however. It’s about embracing and being grateful for the lesson when things did not work out the way we hoped they would. If we can move forward with the attitude we are grateful for the experience and happy to have been wrong, then we have learned from it and can step free. Call this our period of soul review.

Part of this lesson may involve us seeing where waiting to take action or coming up with a radically different approach may have saved us from a lot of disappointment and/or given us a very different outcome. Retro Mars in Aquarius makes a tight angle to the still-direct Uranus in Taurus. Remember, Uranus rules Aquarius. Mars is the planet of action but in retrograde phase loses its impulsive nature. The result this week could see us taking the time to come up with a new approach if faced with a familiar issue. If you feel you’ve been here before, pause before acting. The result could just free you from going over it – time after time.

In a nutshell: We’re all being asked what we’ve learned from our past. And what we would do different today. This week presents an opportunity to change our future if we think different.