Weekly General Astrology 20th August 2018 – Full Moon and Grand Earth Trine!

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 20 


  • Anchor those dreams to reality 
  • Channel inspiration from the source 
  • Happy birthday, Virgo! 

 Full Moon and Grand Earth Trine whoop! It’s a week to bring those dreams down to earth.  Castles in the air can be grounded, given a foundation and rise up concrete and real. How do we do this? The answer is: one step or one stone at a time. The Sun enters Virgo this week. This is the sign of harvesting and also planting the next crop. It is also the sign of details, focus, schedules, systems and planning. Of course we need to dream it first. But Virgo energy gives us the action plan, the checklist and the steps we need to initiate to make it real. Until we do this and get a ‘one step at a time’ approach, those dreams remain just that. 

 The Sun in Virgo brings about a vision-lifting Grand Earth Trine this week between Saturn in ruling Capricorn the sign of establishment and revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, the sign of money, banking and talents. This is the first time we have seen this particular aspect form between these planets in these signs in our lifetime. So, whatever you are seeking to build or create, this is your opportunity.

This week’s full Moon in celestial Pisces gives all of us access to inspiration and creativity channeled direct from the source. This Moon sextiles Saturn and Uranus which means we can ground those visions to weave something real.

The problem with many of us when it comes to turning a vision into reality, is that it all seems all so overwhelming. Where do we begin? That’s where Virgo energy helps us. Enabling us to chunk it all down into easy bite-sized pieces via details and planning. You don’t have to create the finished vision today. You just have to know what the first step is and take it. And then the next one after that. And so on. 

 So, identify your first step and take it this week and know the second step will become obvious after you do. Get those dreams grounded and watch that vision slowly rise. 

 In a nutshell: Happy  birthday, Virgo. Your gift this week is the ability to draw down those dreams from the realm of inspiration and make them real. And to show the rest of us how to do it while you’re at it. 

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