Weekly General Astrology Forecast August  27th 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August  27

  • Replace the old with something better
  • Be seen and recognised for exactly who you are
  • Release the power of the slow burn!

This week sees us all getting our mojos back! Feel the heat as Mars planet of passionate action, moves direct once more in Capricorn. Just remember, while it is time to move forward especially with plans that may involve long term career goals, Mercury will remain in retrograde shadow for a while longer. So, none of us are yet operating at full throttle. That may be no bad thing. Hopefully during the Mars retrograde cycle we have all learned the power of the Slow Burn and the considered approach. Of waiting to take action until the right moment appears.  Mars in Capricorn is also about choosing our battles wisely. Of discretion being the greater part of valour. It shows us the difference between being assertive and aggressive and what true leadership is. And also how to be a warrior for change not just for its own sake, but because we have something better with which to replace what exists. In other words, we’ve all be asked to lead by example in whatever way we can. Mars direct in here asks if we are now ready to do this?

Mars direct in Capricorn gives us the welcome break in the retrograde weather which we will now see continue on into September.  Action, passion and optimism replace stagnation, apathy and uncertainty and fuel our desires to go after what we want once more. And just what is that? Chances are self-determined sovereignty feature no matter our gender as well as the need for recognition. What do we need to do in order to be taken seriously and get ourselves noticed? With masculine Mars in a masculine sign this week the divine feminine re-asserts itself with free-thinking Uranus in Venus ruled Taurus  asking some serious question of the girls on top black Moon Lilith in Uranus’s ruling sign of Aquarius. Plus we have Venus in her other ruling sign of Libra opposing Eris in Mar’s ruling Aries. Not just on top but seen and recognised too. Leading by example means that we no longer bend ourselves out of shape to be something we’re not. No matter which gender we identify with. It may have taken us all a while to embrace this truth. Now, let the slow burn fuel it for the long haul.

In a nutshell: The past few months have been about the power of the considered approach and the slow burn. This goes hand-in-hand with the confidence do be ourselves. And do things our way from here on in.

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By our astrologer Helen