General Monthly Astrology Forecast September 2018

General Monthly Astrology Forecast September 2018

What’s that wild thing on your mind?

Create a new love dynamic

Happy birthday, Libra!

What’s the wild that’s in your mind, this September? Who’s the one you need to know? Is it someone else or is it yourself? Questions posed by the 1991 hit single ‘Break in the Weather’ – which we are all getting now Saturn, the planet of timing, karma and establishment, finally heads direct again this month from the 6th.

Once Saturn has gone direct we are just left with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde. So, here’s the break we have all been looking for. We should all be emerging from this intense retrograde cycle re-purposed. Or with fresh purpose when it comes to our future. Gather up the elements of the past you have now seen as relevant. It’s time for all of us to look at where we are and where we want to go next in life.

That’s what the new Mon in Virgo on the 9th which falls opposition Neptune in Pisces wants us to do. Failure to get clear on this will see us trapped in a cycle where chaos from the past continues to hold us back. It’s a time for us to focus on being in harmony with our lives and ensuring we are able to work with body, mind and spirit integrated so we can fulfil our destiny. Above all, jettison the baggage whatever it is with this new Moon. It belongs in the past. Follow the wild in your mind or get to know the one you need to within. That’s your way to freedom.

And your way towards a balanced life. We’re now heading towards the equinox. That time of year where day and night are of equal duration. It’s always a good time to look at bringing balance if any area of life is out-of-kilter. Remember, too much of something is as big an imbalance as not enough. The Sun in Libra marks the equinox and asks that we look for balance. That balance also comes from who balances us out. This is the other one we need to know. Libra is the sign of partnerships so who are you in partnership with this September?

All kinds of connections feature – business partners, activity partners, close working relationships and your bestie. Even that person who is up in your grill as this too, in a strange way is a partnership as ‘opposite’ and ‘opponent’ come from the same source. Libra is the sign of relating, so it’s about relating in a new way to the one you need to know. Watch out for who this is in the light of the full Moon in Aries on the 25th. When you relate differently you change that dynamic. Into a wildly weather breaking kind of love.

In a nutshell: To achieve balance we often need a brand new dynamic. Especially when it comes to love. September offers us all just that. Get ready for a break in the weather this equinox!

Note Neptune, Uranus, Pluto all Retrograde, Saturn Retro until 6th

3 Sep 2018 MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS (Leo to Libra)

6 Sep 2018 Saturn turns Direct (Capricorn)


7 Sep 2018 MERCURY TRINE URANUS (Virgo to Taurus)

7 Sep 2018 MERCURY TRINE SATURN (Virgo to Capricorn)

7 Sep 2018 SUN OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (Virgo to Pisces)

8 Sep 2018 VENUS SQUARE MARS (Libra to Capricorn)

9 Sep 2019 NEW MOON in Virgo (Virgo) Opposition Neptune (Pisces)


11 Sep 2018 MARS ENTERING AQUARIUS (Aquarius)

11 Sep 2018 SUN TRINE PLUTO (Virgo to Capricorn)

12 Sep 2018 JUPITER SEXTILE PLUTO (Scorpio to Capricorn)

12 Sep 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION URANUS (Scorpio to Taurus)

14 Sep 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION NEPTUNE (Virgo to Pisces)

16 Sep 2018 MERCURY TRINE PLUTO (Virgo to Capricorn)

16 Sep 2018 MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER (Virgo to Scorpio)

19 Sep 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (Aquarius to Taurus)



23 Sep 2018 Sun ENTERING LIBRA (Libra)

23 Sep 2018 MERCURY SQUARE SATURN (Libra to Capricorn)

24 Sep 2018 MERCURY TRINE MARS (Libra to Aquarius)

25 Sep 2018 Full Moon in Aries (Aries )

26 Sep 2018 SUN SQUARE SATURN (Libra to Capricorn)


28 Sep 2018 SUN TRINE MARS (Libra to Aquarius)