Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 8th 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 8th 2018

Venus, Uranus and Neptune are Retrograde all month

  • Keep connected to self-worth
  • Watch out for impulse buys – or impulse lovers!
  • Let go, let love

The new Moon in Libra, the sign of partnerships and relating, usually marks an opportunity for all of us to create balance in our relationships. And depending on our charts, it can mark the point when an important new connection begins. But this one is different. Why? Because Venus, Libra’s ruling planet is retrograde.

Venus retrogrades rarely but when the planet of romance, beauty and yes, our bank accounts, does, it is like someone pressed the ‘Pause’ button on love. This can also extend to financial matters too. Everything that gives us pleasure may seem elusive, distant, unattainable and just plain hard work. We’ve all just navigated some pretty rough retrograde seas. Now, just as we thought we had smooth sailing ahead of us for a while, Venus throws us a bejeweled curve-ball. 

Venus rules our values and Venus retrograde in Scorpio which is the sign of intense emotions and desires, can stir up feelings of not being ‘good enough’ and see our insecurities tip us into controlling or compulsive behaviours as we seek to compensate.  Or we can make impulsive decisions around love or money which we later regret.

Keep connected to your self-worth now no matter how you may feel in the moment. Remember you are a unique soul, a one off piece of cosmic artwork. You’re the bee’s knees, the sugar in the honey and a Unicorn in your own right as there is no replacing you! 

Mercury in Scorpio this week adds to the feelings of intensity. But it’s an excellent time for us to talk about what’s really going on with us instead of just acting it out in other ways. This week says it’s okay to be and feel vulnerable. And it’s okay to share that too. And as far as love and relationships go – take a ‘hands off’ approach and don’t push things. Showing yourself self-love first and having a ‘what will be, will be’ attitude is your antidote to Venus retrograde in Scorpio right now. We may think we are in control, but destiny often shows us otherwise. And for some, this can be a new relating dynamic in itself. Let go, let love this week.

In a nutshell:  Take a ‘hands off’ approach to love this week. It could have a direction and a purpose you don’t know about. Relate to how you relate to love in an entire new way now.

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