Aquarius and Pisces Jupiter Horoscope Nov 2018 – Dec 2019

Aquarius Your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Get sharing
Love the unusual
Make a wish

Make a wish now, Aquarius. Better yet – make three. Luck comes your way via friends and people you know as Jupiter moves into your 11th of connections and goals. Hence telling you to make three wishes. Expect at least one of them to come true during 2019 provided you initiate any actions within your power to help make them manifest. Jupiter in your 11th says let’s get this party started.

It’s not so much about what you know but who you know with Jupiter in this sector of your chart. The last time Jupiter was in here was 12 years ago. If you are 28 or over now, think back to who you met and how you benefitted from these friendships or contacts back then. Good times, mind-expanding conversations, travelling companions, tolerance and generosity fuel your social interactions now.

Jupiter gives you permission to be yourself and also delivers like-minded friends who share your outlook and philosophy on life. You’ll be drawn to group activities and so this is an excellent time to join that group, club, team or association. Especially if it is in any way connected to anything Jupiter ruled. Study, higher education, travel, the great outdoors, sports, philosophy, religion, big business, the law, mass media, foreign culture and large animals especially horses, are all ruled by Jupiter.

Making it big or reaching a bigger audience with that idea of yours is all possible with Jupiter in here. Because this is your 11th it rules things like gaming and the internet. Got an idea for anything to do with these? You could be launching the next Call of Duty or social network or be set to extend your influence if so.

Jupiter says mine your contacts or network as whatever you need, want or to achieve can likely be sourced via someone you know or someone they know. There’s far less than six degrees of separation now between you and who or what you want.

Jupiter here shows you it’s a small world after all when it comes to introductions or to resources. Ask around. Tell people you meet what you want to achieve.

Jupiter in here sends friends with benefits in that they will want to benefit you in some way. And Jupiter asks you to do the same in return. In fact, the more you ‘Pay it forward’ the more you’ll find you receive from others in kind.

So, if you are in a position to help someone via your own network or knowledge, do. The 11th house is our house of reception.
This is why it rules our goals, wishes and dreams. Because to get them we have to be ready to receive.

The 11th house is ruled by your ruler Uranus. You of all signs know how Uranus loves to surprise. Jupiter in your 11th says get ready for a big one. Jupiter in our 11th allows us to fully promote what is unique about ourselves to full financial advantage.

You should find changing jobs or launching that side hustle easier than at any other time. Jupiter in here is not so much about big wins or increases but steady gains throughout the transit period.

Love? Expect unusual and unexpected encounters. Jupiter puts you in touch with people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. That lover may be highly unusual and different to anyone you have met before. In fact, that will be a big part of the attraction for you. There will be a certain amount of doing your own thing and coming up with something that works for the two of you to this connection. You’ll seek more freedom in all your relationships now.

Whether something lasting is promised will depend on other factors in your chart but one thing is certain, people will cross your path during this time that have the ability to influence your future direction and whom you will never forget.

Jupiter here can also help you repair or rejuvenate old friendships if you have fallen out of touch with someone for whatever reason. Why not make the effort to reach out? Your social life and doing things with others may even trump those career ambitions or your love life now. Or the pursuit of one big goal you realise you have for a reason can become the main focus of your journey during 2019.

Friends offer you their time, energy, money, support and other resources. Whatever you need at this time, someone you know has it and is probably willing to give it to you. Good times are for sharing now Jupiter is in your 11th.

In a nutshell: Who you know, not what you know, offers the path to goal attainment, Aquarius. Jupiter in your 11th pays it forward – to you. Good times are for sharing. Get ready to party.

Pisces Your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Believe in yourself – and achieve
Doors to success open wide
Get serious about love

Jupiter is your ancient ruler so when it changes signs once every 12 months, despite you having a modern ruler in Neptune, it’s still a very big deal. You feel the shift in energy as much as that other Jupiter-ruled sign, Sagittarius.

On November 8, Jupiter will move out of its ruling 9th in your chart and enter your 10th. You’re entering a cycle where you will make all the right moves even if you fall flat on your face into a pit of marshmallows. You’re set to impress and also move up that career ladder as Jupiter opens the doors to long term success.

If you are over 30, think back 12 years to when Jupiter last visited this sector of your chart. This should have seen work rewards and recognition and an opportunity to enhance your reputation come your way. Expect to build on your previous success and for doors to power open wide.

Jupiter always wants us to experience something and in this house these experiences are likely to revolve around long term success and establishing something. People in positions of authority, power and influence will be on your side now and may even go out of their way to help you.

You know how to make friends and influence people – especially when it comes to those who can say ‘Yes’ and open doors. Jupiter rules big business and this is your sector of success. Large companies or people at the top feature and this is where you may find your best (and biggest) opportunities for success in 2019.

Expand your sphere of influence. Project confidence and above all, take yourself seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are shaking in your shoes – believe me, nobody will know. What matters is your belief in yourself and your abilities because if you don’t believe in you, how do you expect others to?

Jupiter says there is always room at the top and kicks you up there. Deals can be wheeled, contracts signed and favours granted. Your can-do attitude, unapologetic honesty and open enthusiasm wins over the people in charge. If there’s a chance to prove yourself, you’ll grab it as you know the importance of being hands-on now. Once you’re over any stage fright, that soaring confidence takes over leaving you wondering why you ever worried about failing and leaving others in awe at your achievements. Of course Jupiter is giving you a helping hand BUT YOU MUST ACT! Strap on your power and use the energy to uplift you, awaken your warrior of love for yourself and KNOW you are worth it.

If you are self-employed then business should expand with Jupiter in here. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, you may need the advice of an expert during this cycle so don’t be afraid to seek it out. Consulting an accountant, a lawyer or other professional is common and this often goes hand-in-hand with us achieving a new level of success and needing advice on how to handle increased money or other assets. Don’t be afraid to seek advice about career matters too especially from those who have the knowledge and experience.

One sure way to get into someone’s good graces is to ask for their opinion or expertise. You don’t have to be a know-it-all to succeed now. Just have a willingness to learn more and defer to wisdom or experience greater than yours.

Jupiter in this house represents a personal or professional achievement. If you have knowledge now, share it with others and if you do find yourself scaling the professional heights, don’t forget to give someone else a helping hand up. Jupiter always wants us show we appreciate its generosity by being generous in turn. Mentoring and being mentored is a manifestation of Jupiter in here. It’s also about asking for what you want and not being shy. Ask for that job, that order, that business, that time you need from someone. Confidence gets you the answer you want.

We can’t talk about this house without talking about love. This house is the house which rules our partner’s status as well as our potential to succeed. Jupiter in here can bring singles someone hugely successful in whatever field they operate in. This person sends your soul stock soaring. What’s more, they could just be looking for something long term.

Yet one more reason to take yourself and what you want seriously. Punching above your weight? Not really. It’s that aura of confidence and success that’s the magnet now. Settled Pisces could see their partner’s careers also take off – and reap the knock-on benefits accordingly.

You may encourage one another to reach for that big promotion or goal now especially if you share a vision that increased success will fund. Having a joint goal especially when it comes to your future, will make you try even harder.

Jupiter in your 10th is all about success from working within a framework or what you have already established or constructed. Even if you decide to change careers during this time, you’ll use your past success and expertise to forge a new direction.

Travel for work is also one perk you may be given thanks to Jupiter in here. Be prepared to aim high – and think big now in both your career – and your personal life.

In a nutshell: The only way is up for you now Jupiter is in your 10th, Pisces. Jupiter increases your ambition and has you aiming high. Think big, believe in yourself – and get ready to achieve!