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Venus Pluto Transits

Venus Conjunct Pluto

You crave intensity and passion now and you can use these to transform an existing relationship to rekindle the fire between you. Especially if things have been a little vanilla of late. Your emotions peak and you want more than just sex. It’s about sex with meaning and depth. If you are settled this can lead to alchemical interactions between the two of you which transform your connection.  Just ensure that you don’t give in to any feelings of jealousy, possessiveness  or the desire to control your partner now. Feelings of insecurity are most likely a result of this transit and won’t last and your partner’s reactions may mean you lose out on a opportunity to open up new dimensions of understanding between you.  If starting a new romance under this influence, you may feel an almost magnetic like attraction towards that new lover. Allow time for the real potential to emerge and to make sure that desire is a lasting one.

Venus Sextile Pluto

You want to belong. To one person or even to a group, cause or organisation. Your emotions feel particularly intense and you’re in search of a true connection. Friendships will take on a new importance but you’re not interested in anything superficial. This includes everything from people to conversations. There’s also a fearless quality about you now especially when it comes to tackling difficult subjects. You won’t be fobbed off and will continue to push for answers until you get them.  Any relationship that begins now has an intensity to it that appears to transcend time and space. You may feel you have been brought together by fate or this a soul contract that is being fulfilled between you. One way or another, this will prove to be a transformation connection for both of you.

Venus Square Pluto

You may feel powerless when it comes to desires so intense you feel you have no choice but to give in to them under this transit. This may manifest in the form of a magnetic and compelling attraction that you are unable to resist. Others may suddenly be aware of shifts within a relationship and realise that they too must undergo a change if the connection is to continue to grow. If this happens, please do not ignore it or imagine it will just go away. You cannot go back to the way things were. You can only go forward. Hanging on to ‘The Way We Were’ or to a person or situation with only make things worse. Remember, the word ‘evolve’ contains all the letters that spell ‘love’. So, allow yourself, and the other party if you are in a relationship, to do that now.

Venus Trine Pluto

You feel everything every deeply today and even if you usually have difficulty in expressing your love, the intensity of your emotions now mean that you will be unable to fight the compulsion to share them.  You are also more tuned in than usual to your own needs and able to talk about these openly. What is going on deep within you demands you acknowledge it now. Magic is in the air for singles and you may feel intensely drawn to someone.  They may be a reflection of a part of you that is demanding you express this now. They can act as a catalyst for your growth and if other transits support this, you could rise and grow together like two glowing phoenixes. Any creative work done under this transit has the ability to resonate with a larger audience due to you being able to communicate the intensity of your emotions. There’s something powerfully real about this transit which springs from you being able to express on some level, what  you truly feel.

Venus Opposition Pluto

No ordinary love will do under this transit.  You can harness the desire for something more intense in constructive ways such as exploring ways to reignite the passion with your partner. However, the opposite of this is an almost compulsive attraction for someone you deep down know is not good for you. You want to walk on the wide side. And that’s fine in itself. But you need to ensure you do this in a way that won’t cause you problems further down the line. If single, keep in the back of your mind that the intense attraction you feel may be stopping you from seeing the other person for who they truly are.  There is nothing wrong with wanting an extraordinary love experience however and this transit can have you reaching for that.