Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 7th 2019 – ONWARDS!

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 7th 2019

  • Transform your potential
  • Own your choices
  • Choose a new path

Remember as we launch ourselves forward into 2019, that we have no retrograde planets inhibiting our path. The time of looking back, reviewing, refining, revising, remembering and delays should now be behind us. In fact, we should have no excuses – save the ones we create for ourselves, why we should not be pursuing those goals. There’s a great deal of astral action focused on Capricorn this week. And what is happening doesn’t just apply to the Capricorns out there – but all of us. The Sun meets Pluto in here on the 11th while Mercury engages with Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn on the 13th. Issues of what we have control over in our lives will emerge this week. Where have we abdicated that control? And if we have done this, do the people we have allowed to have say over us, really have our best interests at heart? Or theirs? Authority figures – politicians, bosses, officials or even on a personal level a parent or an authoritarian partner, could show us where we have given our power away.

Venus now very much out of retroshadow enters freewheelin’ Sagittarius on the 7th. It’s an invitation to explore what we love. Luck is also all around us thanks to Jupiter also in here. Ready for something bigger? Remember, sometimes we have to go look for  our lives – and our love. This is after all, the sign of the explorer.

Mercury and Saturn together have us looking at what path we have chosen for ourselves and where this has led us. Is it our path, do we own it or have we been following someone else’s footsteps? This meeting can see doors open to us if we are on the correct course. But if we are on the wrong one, they will remain closed no matter how loud and hard we keep knocking. We’re all being asked to tune in to higher wisdom when it comes to the direction we want to head in and also heed what we are being shown on a mundane level. It does us no good to keep heading in a certain direction when all the signs point to a dead end. This week sees Jupiter in its ruling sign of Sagittarius, make a tense angle to Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces.

Remember, Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. So this square is actually alive with freedom and potential. The trick to it is not to ignore what’s right in front of us when it comes to power, recognition and rewards. These two planets point the way to the higher path which is the one we are best suited to walk. Take responsibility this week for where your choices have got you. And if those ambitions have ended up dashed, let your insight dictate new choices for the future. Transform your potential this week.

In a nutshell: Take back lost power. Own those choices. If we’re not receiving the rewards we hoped for, this week gives us the insight to strike out in a fresh direction!

7 Jan 2019 VENUS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius)

11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (Capricorn)


13 Jan 2019,  JUPITER SQUARE  NEPTUNE (Sagittarius to Pisces)