Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 18th 2019

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 18 2019

  • Bring love down to earth
  • Fall for the real deal
  • Happy birthday, Pisces!

Happy birthday, Pisces. The day the Sun arrives in your sign is also the day Venus and Saturn meet in pragmatic and success driven Capricorn. Capricorn is all about ascending to lofty heights and asking how far can you climb on this material plane? Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, the one that has us committing to the long haul. Saturn says ‘put a ring on it’ while Venus is all about love and pleasure and also ‘instant gratification takes too long’. So, what happens when these two meet – especially in Saturn’s ruling sign? Love has to get real and we need to fall in love with that – not a fantasy. Venus will move forward after encountering Saturn in here and meet up with Pluto. This is the transformation point when our love life or our career has to deepen or we see we need to move in a fresh direction. Remember when it comes to the long haul that we only see the true nature of a love when it is tested – rather than all the sparkly, romantic stuff.

This week also sees Mercury meet Pisces ruling planet Neptune on the 19th. Compassion, empathy and divine inspiration rule and in a way we can all use and bring down to earth in our everyday lives. It’s also about fact not fantasy and seeing how the fantasy lives up to reality. If we’ve been wandering around with rose-tinted spectacles on, all this combines to make us see what is really going on. This week’s full Supermoon shines on the truth from Mercury’s ruling sign, Virgo. What this says it we can’t ignore what’s right in front of us – or neglect to take care of it once we see it. Pisces has a gift for us all this week – it is after all a caring, sharing sign. It’s the ability to see where we need to get real especially about love.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Pisces! Your generous soul has a gift for all of us this week. That’s to see where real love can be found. Show the rest of us the way, birthday soul.

18 Feb 2019  VENUS CONJUNCTION  SATURN (Capricorn)

18 Feb 2019 SUN ENTERING PISCES (Pisces)



23 Feb 2019, VENUS CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (Capricorn)