Uranus in Taurus – Libra – Pisces

Sun or ascendant in any of the signs from Libra to Pisces? You’re in the right place! No matter what your sign, Uranus in Taurus is going to be all about what you value. This includes your self-worth, the ‘value’ or price you put on your talents, abilities and skills, how you feel or relate to your money and what you owe or own, what you stand for, will or won’t ‘sell out’ for – in other words, what is priceless to you, and how you expect to be treated by other people and the world in general. Uranus will bring  big adjustments around these but in a key area according to the house in your chart it is moving through. Uranus doesn’t say ‘because you’re worth it’ – it asks ‘Is this worth it?’ or on a relationship level ‘What are you worth?’.  What you have valued or what becomes more valuable to you in the next seven years, will not only change, but shock and surprise you. And ultimately, set you free to have what really matters.  Your personal revolution of freedom, beauty, truth and love begins here.

Libra: As the other Venus ruled sign of the zodiac, you are attuned to the Venus themes triggered by Uranus passing through the 8th house of your chart. This is about sex, power money and what you share. Or I could say as this relates to your values, what you are willing to share and also what is being shared with you in return. This can be anything from a bank account to a bed. The 8th house rules your salary, payouts, maintenance and benefits. Also loans, credit cards and mortgages. How comfortable you feel handling or negotiating these will feature. Expect unexpected fluctuations or changes to existing agreements – and the ability to negotiate new and better ones. This may see you refinance, take your banking elsewhere, cut up those credit cards, pay off or take out a loan. Change the terms of something you share with another – or they change the terms with you. This is your house of transformation and endings and it also rules relationships where sex is important. Many astrologers shy away from talking about this but I’m not one of those so yes, let’s talk about sex. If an intimate connection has no future, Uranus in here will bring it to an end. Your needs are evolving and if your partner is not willing to adapt and change with you, you will attract one who is. Sudden, electric and unexpected attractions can result – and often for someone who goes against your usual ‘type’. When we share something with another – and this includes ourselves, we – and they, are transformed. Welcome to the revolution of deep love, Libra.

Scorpio: Try on a different kind of togetherness now that Uranus arrives in your partnership zone. For some of you, this may involve going it alone and exploring the one relationship we are all in from cradle to grave – the one you have with yourself. Sometimes the best way to work on being with someone – and in getting the love we need, is to focus on self-love for a while. Your relationship status during this time could be subject to sudden and unexpected change and even reversal. People who have put you in the ‘never getting married’ file could be gob-smacked as you go from single to settled apparently overnight. Other phoenixes could experience the opposite. Uranus in your 7th can bring a sudden, shocking end to a long term relationship – be this the marriage variety or even a long term friendship or business one. Others could experience the ‘rejection dance’ and again, this may not affect your love life but could see you going from hot to so not when it comes to your professional life – again, almost overnight and for no apparent reason. What Uranus wants you to look at is who or what is ‘opposite’ you. It has to do with evolving you understanding of love and your needs in a relationship. Sometimes this can take place via someone you actively detest as this is your house of open enemies. Be prepared to try on all kinds of partnerships – from the long term love kind, to the business, collaborative, activity, working or long term friendship. Hey – it’s all love and don’t try to pigeonhole it or expect it to look exactly how you thought it would. That also goes for where you’ll find it now. It could be that bolt out of the blue. Don’t look for it in all the usual places. If it wants you to evolve, it will find you.

Sagittarius: Before Uranus in your 6th – chop wood, carry water. After Uranus in your 6th – install solar panels, drink vitamin water. This is your house of work, daily routine, service, bosses, co-workers, details, schedules, your body, health, diet, fitness and pets. Your day job may be one of the first areas to feel the effect of Uranus in here. You are going to be craving more variety with what you do. Working for yourself or initiating that side hustle is one possibility. You’ll not only change up that routine – you’ll charge it up so that it supports you but offers you the stimulation you’re seeking. Getting things done, but in highly inventive ways and out of the usual order, sees you working more effectively and with more energy. If you work for someone else, you will need a role or an employer who allows you a fair amount of freedom to do things your way. Uranus in here can often see us working a couple of part time gigs rather than one full time one in our search for a work/life balance that works for us. As well as that daily routine, that health and fitness one and your diet may also undergo the most radical overhaul of your lifetime. You may play and experiment with this now and take a radical approach to any issues which affect your wellbeing. These can include adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, alternative health and wellbeing treatments and a new exercise regimen. Your sign has a natural affinity to animals. Getting a pet – which itself may be highly individual and unique, that ‘personality’ dog for example, may be one road to fitness and freedom that you take now.

Capricorn: Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love. Out of all the signs, it is you Capricorn, who will get to experience the real Moulin Rouge Uranus in Taurus vibe, as it transits your 5th house of romance, fun, creativity and pleasure. You will be drawn to the beautiful and the unusual. And you may even be seen as those things yourself – especially in the eyes of a lover. You could attract someone who you see as a fabulous, exotic prize. Or they see you as that in return. You need the freedom to creativity express yourself in your own way the way you also need food, air and water now. No matter if you are one of those Capricorns who have entered a traditional, established profession with its own rules around how you dress or behave; and no matter your ambitions, you will seek out opportunities to express your individuality and your creativity. Unleash that romantic revolutionary. New and unusual friends and potential love interests will cross your path during the next seven years. The products of your creativity are likely to be highly individual and ground-breaking. You’ll act in a way that ensures you cannot possibly be overlooked. This is your house of children and young people and Uranus rules the future. Babies, children, adoptions, your own children, step children or a potential partners children link you to what you have to offer to the generations coming up behind you. Believe me, you have a lot. Dare to love, to create, to have fun and to give your inner child permission to play. Yes you can can can!

Aquarius: Revolutionise that home, lifestyle, your living arrangements or even what you call ‘family’ as your ruler arrives in your 4th. Unexpected moving experiences over the next seven years actually form part of a grand design. And that’s to see you living better and in a way that truly supports and sustains who you are. If you move, expect to move into an abode which may look different from those of its neighbours, have a different layout or be highly individual or unique in some way. Living ‘off the grid’ may appeal – that eco house, caravan, yurt, hermit’s cave, beach hut. It’s not so much about four walls but a space you can call your own. A different way of living may be the result of this for some of you. Collectives, roommates, flat shares, creating your own sense of family if you feel the one you grew up in wasn’t where you belonged – you’ll search for the solution that suits you. Making money from your home – renting a room on Airbnb for instance, and by doing so, coming into contact with new people, may appeal. Because this house relates to your security – emotional and financial, Uranus in your 4th can often see changes come in which affect your career too. Moving to a different area, town or part of the country perhaps due to changes around family or career, is another sign of Uranus set to renovate your way of living. Check your foundations with Uranus in here. But remember – what’s built to last, cannot be shaken. Expect comings and goings on the home front. But the opportunity to create one where there’s no place like it now.

Pisces:  Electric dreams are what Uranus in your 3rd house is all about. Your mind crackles and buzzes with ideas. Uranus rules electricity, the internet and this is your house of communication business, publishing, learning and your commute. If you have an idea, Uranus in here will not only ensure it is an original and unique one, but will hand you new ways to share it. Expect to upgrade your technology – your phone, tablet, computer – perhaps more than one during the next seven years. How you get about may also change. This may be the time you buy that Tesla or hybrid car. Sharing what you know, disseminating it far and wide via publishing and the world wide web, put you into contact with an audience bigger and more diverse than you ever thought possible. Blog, vlog, write, broadcast. The areas of publishing, writing, speaking, presenting and broadcasting are your playgrounds for success stories. This is your house of commerce and doing business – ecommerce could feature as could working for a company in any of the above areas. You may literally be harbouring the idea whose time has come, or know what people are going to want next – before they want it. Ahead of the trend? You are the trend for the next seven years. Get talking.