Weekly General Astrology Overview March 25 2019 

Weekly General Astrology Overview March 25 2019 

  • Keep your mind, ears and eyes open 
  • You are far more than your ideas, thoughts and beliefs 
  • Go back to move forward 

Confusion is king this week despite Mercury heading direct in Pisces from the 29th. Why? This is because Mercury bumps into Pisces ruling planet Neptune while retrograde on the 25th – and just for good measure will go back over it again when it moves to forward motion. Take nothing on face value, expect delays, cancellations, reversals and above all, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, misleading information, confusion and even people trying to pull the wool over your eyes even once Mercury has gone direct again. By now you will know that the Mercury retroactive madness does not end when Mercury moves forward. Retrograde shadow means that we all remain in a state of un-knowing or prone to snafus until Mercury passes the point in the sky where it turned backwards. This will not happen until the third week of April. Until then, keep everything from your eyes to your diary open and watch for your spidey-senses to start tingling telling you something is distinctly ‘off’ – or about to go that way. 

Creative inspiration, spiritual love and beautiful discoveries could provide if not the antidote to this, then certainly a torch by which to guide us out of the fog of confusion. Venus enters Pisces from the 26 and with Mercury hanging around Neptune and still waiting to get some traction, expect the past to feature. Just don’t fall into the trap of becoming over-sentimental about this. Uranus is the planet of the future and is now very firmly grounded in Venue’s ruling sign of sensual and earthy Taurus. For the first time in our lifetimes, we have a dreams-into-reality bringing angle between these two happening on the 28th. Love needs to come down-to-earth to be real and anchored to our values – not what we hope or imagine it will be. If someone returns from the past – especially if it is a past lover, look to whether the issues you once had are still there and if you believe they are, then know the past in this form could just be a trap. Look to how you can do things differently this time around. 

Mars enters Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini on the 31st. All of us could be craving the stimulation of new ideas but in the collective we need to avoid what could quite literally end up being a ‘war of words’. According to some philosophies, what goes down in the collective is merely a reflection of us as individuals. Pisces is the sign of the higher path and peacekeeper. Venus rules diplomacy. To ‘give peace a chance’ we need to practice tolerance, acceptance of other points of view and ideologies and know we are not our ideas and beliefs. The past could even return in the form of old circular arguments we thought we had put to bed or settled while Mercury remains in retro shadow. Allow others their beliefs – even if you believe they are wrong now and let go of needing to be right. And accept the gift of being wrong yourself. That means you’ve learned something – and taken the path to inner peace. 

In a nutshell: Reach for higher ideas and let love come down to earth this week. If you can, you’ll step free of past traps, chaos and confusion. And bring your dreams into reality. 


26 Mar 2019 VENUS ENTERS PISCES (Pisces) 


29 Mar 2019 MERCURY DIRECT IN PISCES (Pisces) 

31 Mar 2019 MARS ENTERS GEMINI (Gemini)