Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 17 2019 Full Moon Sagittarius

Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 17 2019

  • Channel your energy constructively
  • Embrace the fearless part of you
  • Happy birthday, Cancer!

This week may have us chafing against anything we see as restricting us. This can be anything from our living space – literally, we may feel confined and unable to move, our circumstances or these feeling may be triggered by someone we feel is blocking us. Tempers may be frayed now and it’s all too easy to point to this week’s full Moon in the sign of wide open spaces and ‘Don’t fence me in’ attitude – Sagittarius. This full Moon stirs our desire to experience more and as a result, we may feel restricted on some level.

This week, we can’t place all the blame on this Moon urging us to kick over the traces and head for the hills however. Even the most home loving souls may feel restless due to Mercury and Mars meeting in Cancer and both of them opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Both these oppositions combined with the full Moon, will stir up intense energies which are going to demand expression – especially with Pluto involved. Remember, all energy must have an outlet because if it is repressed, it will burst out in unexpected and usually destructive ways. Physical activity, being in the outdoors, exercise, sports, creative and career ventures are all favoured as positive ways to use this. In fact, any arena that gives us a sense of achievement via positive competition. If things are niggling at us on the home front, then table them with loved ones when you feel open and calm, not when you are seething with resentment.


Long term positive changes can result if the energy is channeled correctly that can hand us the freedom on a soul level that we are seeking. Note that from the 20th, Mercury enters retroshadow so start to pay close attention to the details and fine print and be cautious with new agreements. Neptune retrograde from the 21st – the day of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Cancer’s birthday season.

This week is all about embracing a new kind of feminine power. It’s also about a fairer, more equal kind of power sharing. It does not matter what gender you identify with primarily. All of us contain both male and female energies. This week sees Juno enter Leo, demanding the feminine be seen and heard and allowed to express itself for what it is – not by imitating men. Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius also on the 21st, offering a new kind of freedom. By far the most unexpected occurrences could result from the meeting between Vesta and Uranus in Taurus on the 23rd however. Vesta represents a different kind of female energy. One that was only allowed its freedom by first submitting to the rules of the patriarchy. Uranus is the planet of revolutions and both are in Venus’s sign. This is all about the feminine now making its own rules and setting its own terms. The Fearless Girl of Wall Street facing down the Bull and finding her freedom. It’s the fearless part of us all which demands expression. Set some new rules this week.

In a nutshell: Tame that restlessness within this week. Cancer’s birthday season begins with a chance to set some new rules. And embrace freedom in a new way!

17 Jun 2019 FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius)


19 Jun 2019 MERCURY OPPOSITION  PLUTO (Cancer to Capricorn)

20 Jun 2019 MARS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (Cancer to Capricorn)


21 Jun 2019, NEPTUNE RETROGRADE until 27 Nov 2019 (Pisces)

21 Jun 2019 JUNO ENTERS LEO (Leo)

21 Jun 2019 SUN ENTERS CANCER (Cancer)

23 Jun 2019 VENUS OPPOSITION  JUPITER (Gemini to Sagittarius)


By our astrologer and psychic Helen