Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 24th 2019

Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 24th 2019

  • Love starts with a conversation
  • How many ways can you say it?
  • Open up to ideas – and the people who bring them

Reach for higher love and inspired ideas this week. Above all, persist and repeat your message if it falls within these categories. Venus in the sign of communication and getting around – Gemini, makes a tight and constricting angle to Neptune in Pisces. It may seem as if others are not hearing what we have to say or simply can’t envision it. This may mean getting ultra-creative with how we put things or get things across. Are we saying it with love and with the highest intentions in mind? Is there another way to say it? It may be we have to repeat the message to eventually get it across. Remember, Neptune is retrograde but unlike a Mercury one, Neptune backwards can in fact clear up confusion. This is an excellent transit under which to offer an olive branch to someone if there has been a misunderstanding or to re-state your case. But please ensure you are coming from a win/win position.

Transparency and honesty are the keywords for everyone now. Please believe me that unless this is the foundation of what you are saying, you will not get the results you seek. Anyone who is using subterfuge, manipulation or plain lies to get what they want will eventually be exposed. We may also need to pay attention to our gut feelings when dealing with people under this transit. Is our intuition telling us something is ‘off’? Ignore this at your peril this week. Especially if you are dealing with someone whose actions run contrary to what they are saying.

Mercury is on the move now and heads off into Leo. Children, young people, playfulness – especially when it comes to ideas and creativity sweep aside worries around what others may be thinking about us. Leo is the 5th house and where romances and love affairs begin. Mercury loves to talk and flirt. The 5th house is also where we get to express ourselves and shine. It’s a chance to attract in new people who bring with them new ideas and with whom we can share ours. Mercury in here says you never know where a conversation that comes from the heart could take you. Get talking this week.

In a nutshell: Say what you want to say creativity and with love and transparency. If you come from this place, you’ll eventually get your message across. Love begins with a conversation this week.


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By our astrologer Helen