Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 15 2019 – Claim your HAPPINESS!


Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 15 2019

  • Claim your right to be happy
  • Stand by what you say
  • Where does your soul call home?

We’re not only remaining in major retrograde weather this week – we’re back in eclipse weather too. Remember the eclipse rules: eclipses cover up and what they cover up is revealed later. Total eclipses conceal completely, partial eclipses – wait for a bigger picture to emerge. This week’s full Moon in the sign of status and those at the top, Capricorn tells us that those in the boardrooms or places of power, are not being as forthright as they could be. So, what else is new? This eclipse takes place at 24 degrees of Capricorn – within three degrees of retrograde Pluto. When Pluto heads direct again in October and reaches 24 degrees of Capricorn in February 2020, we may well see what is hidden within this eclipse come to light.  It will involve people in power at the top – CEO’s, politicians and leaders. If you have factors at 24 degrees in your birthchart, especially if they are at 24 degrees  or within a one degree orb either side in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you need to look closer at anything relating to your career, reputation or status or where you deal with people in positions of authority and power. Especially if you have abdicated your authority to them. Do they truly have your best interests at heart?

Ask questions and keep asking as Mercury retro backs up into Cancer this week and Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn and then Pluto. Ensure you stand by your word now and if others are not keeping theirs, it is now time to make them accountable. In fact, accountability and taking responsibility for our lives and our own wellbeing ensures we have not abdicated control of it or our happiness over to others who simply don’t deserve it – or are unfit guardians of it.

With retroactive Mercury now in the house of home and family – this could be an ideal time for family reunions or gatherings but please ensure you allow extra time to travel to them. And also, please think about avoiding them if there are long simmering issues between you, your parents or even siblings. These are likely to re-emerge. Any astrologer out there will be telling you to steer clear of property dealings now unless it truly cannot be helped. This does not just include buying, selling, leasing or renting but roommates, Airbnb etc. It does however favour looking closely at what home means to you and where you feel that strong sense of belonging. It also does not apply if you are considering moving back to somewhere you have lived in the past or if a property you were after but lost out on, comes back onto the market. Venus’s alignment to Neptune on the 18th is all about combining a sense or place with soul purpose. Where is it that you feel allows you to live this? Follow the Yellow brick Road to the place you soul calls home now.

In a nutshell: Time for some self-authorship this week. Especially when it comes to taking responsibility for our own happiness. And to head towards where we truly belong .


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