Mercury Pluto Transits – Words Are Spells

Mercury Pluto transits

Mercury Pluto Transits

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Your words have power behind them now. The power of persuasion. You have the ability to draw others in or even come up with ideas and concepts that resonate deeply on an archetypal level. So, this transit can be especially useful if your job involves coming up with those big ideas that involve large groups of people. You are unafraid to mine deep into an issue now. And when it comes to talking there is no subject you won’t consider off-limits.

Intense communication

Mercury Pluto transits are intense but empowering. So, this is another wonderful transit for tackling any conversation you’ve been putting off or would usually find difficult. This extends into your personal life.  Conversations around sex and even death can come up. If you’ve recently met someone, the romance talk can now turn XXX rated. The only warning with this transit is that you can end up offending others if you try to force your opinions or ideas on them. Occasionally, this transit can manifest in the form of a person who may try to do the same. 

Mercury Sextile Pluto

There’s a little bit of the psychic (or real) detective about you under this transit. You love a good mystery and want to get to the bottom of it. So, you’ll delve into any subject that interests you – and this includes your own subconscious, to uncover those motivations and facts. On a superficial level, you may find yourself drawn to occult subjects and mystery and crime fiction. Psychology will intrigue you. 

You’re Sherlock Holmes

If your job involves anything to do with investigations this is an excellent transit under which to pursue your theories. Follow that hunch. You’re going deep now, way below the surface to get to the bottom of anything that crosses your path or intrigues you today.

Mercury Square Pluto

Delve deeper into any interests you have in the mysterious, the occult and the magical now. This is an excellent transit under which to study anything from psychic abilities to psychology. You also have powerful ideas and this is one area where you can run into problems during this transit. You are so convinced of the strength of them, you will use almost any means at your disposal to convince others of their validity too.

Beware Obsession

You can also become fixated on something – usually an idea under this transit, that becomes an obsession and refuse to let it go. Watch for these tendencies.  Sometimes this transit can manifest as a person who embodies all of this. They may try to coerce you or force their ideas on you. Be wary of anyone or anything that smacks of dogma, doctrine or one way of looking at the world or thinking at this time.

Mercury Trine Pluto

Mercury is all about your thoughts and ideas. But when Pluto gets involved the energy is all directed towards going deeper. This transit can see you turning within and understanding you are more than just superficial ideas and chatter. You want to explore why you think the way you do. And when it comes to those ideas, why you have the ones you do.

abseiling into the depths

This is all about abseiling into the depths of your subconscious. And you’re more ready to undertake this freefall now than at any other time. What you unearth down there could literally be treasure. Don’t forget, Pluto rules what is buried and that includes the riches of the underworld. Get to those hidden elements within today. There’s buried treasure to be unearthed.

Mercury Opposition Pluto

Get to the bottom of something under this transit. It’s your invitation to go deeper now. Especially if this concerns a problem between you and someone close to you. It’s not so much we may have avoided confrontation although this can often play a role when we don’t ask the questions we should. Often we avoid broaching a subject because we are afraid of the answers we may get from the other person. Terror of the ‘What if?!’ paralyses us and so –we don’t ask. But this traps us and the other person in limbo. There’s no evolution happening.


Mercury Pluto transits make us fearless! And this transit gives you the fearlessness to ask and the courage to hear whatever the response is. And act on it. Don’t forget, Pluto is all about transformation. You can transform how you handle your communications in any sphere now. So, ask those ‘difficult’ questions. Or if asked them in turn, be prepared to give an honest answer.