Moon Pluto Transits – Dramatic Emotions

Moon Pluto Transits

Moon Pluto Transits

Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit

Moon Pluto transits are deeper than deep! This is a good time to consult a therapist, psychologist or even a psychic or astrologer. Deep feelings burst to the surface and you may realise that you have been repressing these for quite some time. These may feel overwhelming and even though this transit, like any other lunar transit, is short-lived, it may help you gain more understanding and insight into why you feel the way you do, to talk to someone whose job it is to give you guidance and perspective.


Becoming obsessed with something or even someone is another way this transit can manifest as can feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. Please guard against this. Your encounters with others are powerful and transformative – one way or another. Women especially play a role now. A woman can either be incredibly helpful or else a downright ass. There’s no middle ground under this transit.

Moon Sextile Pluto Transit

Superficial or fake people, surface emotions – you have no time for any of these now. This transit can be very raw but it is also very real. You want to connect on a deep level and are fearless when it comes to opening up and sharing those emotions. You demand authenticity now – from yourself and from others. If you feel you are not getting this, you will quickly move on.

Home Changes

Sometimes this transit has us making changes to our home or lifestyle. As with anything to do with the Moon and Pluto, it’s all about an emotional transformation which is then reflected in the outer world – or in this case, how you live.

Moon Square Pluto Transit

Moon Pluto transit asks you to delve deep within because your true motivations are there, waiting to be discovered now.  If you are willing to bare your soul – if only to yourself, and be honest, then discovering what you really need as opposed to what you think you want, frees you to channel your resources into getting it. Sometimes this revelation can come about via an encounter with someone which forces us to look at what it is that truly drives us. So, see everything and anyone as a potential teacher or mirror now.

Power struggles

Occasionally, this transit can manifest as a confrontation or power struggle with another – often in the form of emotional blackmail or manipulation. Guard against this kind of behaviour in yourself as if you resort to it, it will likely backfire on you later. If you encounter it via the behaviour of someone else, it is time to assert your boundaries. However, the usual response to any kind of coercion or manipulation under this transit is usually an explosive one. Even this kind of situation can act as an opportunity to know yourself better – if only to understand your responses when under pressure.

Moon Trine Pluto Transit

Your libido can climb under this transit and it’s not so much about sex but sex with depth. You’ll be seeking that transformational connection or encounter now. If you have a partner, you’ll be willing to open up and share your desires and your fantasies. If single, this transit can send you out seeking that powerful connection. That intensity you’re broadcasting can draw someone to you who is very much on the same wavelength. But be aware that you will need another longer term transit in motion to make this something lasting.

Bold passion

You can bring passion to bear on almost any area of your life now and this goes for your career as well as anything that you have strong feelings about. Because all energy demands a release, if you have no partner then channel it into any area you feel strongly about – a career project, creative venture or plan. You soul seeks oneness – whether it’s with someone else or with a purpose.

Moon Opposition Pluto Transit

Mirror mirror under this transit. Even if you find yourself having arguments or a confrontation with someone, some facet of your inner psyche or your thoughts is being reflected back at you. Of course, the way this happens does not necessarily have to be a negative one. Just be aware that many of your interactions with others while this transit is in orb, are a reflection of some inner part of you. The purpose of this is of course to bring this to your attention. It may take some hindsight before you discover what this is.

Self discovery

However, what can result is an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. But at the time you may not be able to see this. Whatever you do feel during this transit demands that you do express it however. Let go of ideas of right and wrong because repressing your feelings will just give them more power over you.  The Rumi poem perfectly expresses this transit: Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. The person  you meet there may just be your true self.