Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 13th 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 13 2020

By our astrologer Elena

  • Make a big, beautiful compromise
  • Beautiful minds give birth to big ideas
  • That’s the power of love!

Time to give birth to new ideas. To making a deal for your future this week and being open to compromise in order to keep things real. Ideas are all very well. But if they simply sit in the realm of thought and wishful thinking, they don’t do anyone any good.

Venus in Gemini is very much the transit of the beautiful mind. The ideas are creative and imbued with love, harmony and balance. This week Venus meets gal pal Vesta in here. Now, understand that these two feminine energies are very different. Venus is all about following your heart (whether this is a good idea or not), indulgence and beauty. Vesta is about duty, service and also control or being controlled. It is always about gender politics no matter what gender you identify with or how fluid you may be. So, if we look at these two dynamics, we can say both represent opposite ends of the feminine. Their meeting however could just result in ideas to bring about a balance between love and the power to do what we need to do in the world. That’s the power of love, baby!

Mercury which rules Gemini meets with inexplicable and frankly astonishing Chiron in Aries this week. The Sun also in Aries will strike Jupiter in empire building Capricorn on the 15th and then new world creating Ceres in Aquarius on the 18th. Ceres is presently part of the Now Age planetary transits in here. This is about a revolutionary kind of deal to be struck. Perhaps this takes place between ourselves, the universe and our ambitions. In the outer world the deal could be around us all being on the same page with regards to collective goals. Think one for all and all for one! We’re all a part of the new world vision now. Jupiter always offers opportunity. And in Capricorn this can be of the highest kind. The Now Age is all about not change for the sake of it, but evolution of the collective. We need to reach higher into our potential. As individuals and as a whole. Sunlight is essential for life and Ceres offers new growth this week. Aries is the sign of action. This is about more than just ideas now. This Now Age astro weather is all about making them real. Planting a new world order based on both beauty and power sharing is one we can all get involved in. Both in our own lives and in the big beautiful wide world we can co-create this week. So, set your sights on something you want to attain for the future. And know you are part of something big this week.

In a nutshell: There’s a new and better deal on offer for the Now Age now and we all get to plant our individual seeds. Co-creating a balance between our emotional lives and our desire to do or be more. Enter a big, beautiful compromise this week.




18 Apr 2020 SUN IN ARIES SEXTILE CERES IN AQUARIUS (Aries to Aquarius)

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