Weekly General Astrology 27th April 2020 – Communication changes

Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 27 2020 – Communication changes

  • Tap into a new currency
  • What’s your money story?
  • Trade up to a new relationship with abundance

Mercury rules commerce as well as communication, so expect financial, money matters and markets to be hot topics of conversation as it arrives in the sign of banking and bullion, Taurus.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. The planet of love and sometimes love which comes under the heading of ‘It’s complicated’, also rules our relationship with our money, possessions, assets and the material world in general. Isn’t it funny how just as in our personal lives, our relationship to money can also become complicated too? Mercury’s arrival in here on the 27th gets us thinking and talking about this.

Mercury rules the mind and just like love, our ideas about money can become fixed or even outdated. These can have been handed down to us by others – family members, teachers, people in positions of authority, set by a bad experience or setback, or even be ideas we unwittingly brought in with us from past lives. Our expectations and beliefs as well as our values play a major role in the love and money we feel we can attract or have. Taurus is a fixed sign and once it has made up its mind, it is very hard to change it. It prefers the status quo. Even if it actually doesn’t really work any more. Taurus is a sign known for remaining in relationships or situations long after say a Sagittarian or Gemini would have thrown up their hands in horror and left Dodge in a hurry.

So, this week asks you what ideas around money or values you are clinging on to that no longer really work or are true. Mercury takes the emotional charge out of money matters if there is one and allows us to examine it rationally. Our money does not determine our worth or lack of it. If we are struggling with money issues this is no reflection of who we are and it does not say anything negative about us. Yet we often feel it does. For instance, we may avoid talking finances with our partner because we feel it is ‘unromantic’. Mercury in a Venus ruled sign tells you this is simply good housekeeping and also that arguing about money or ending up in the divorce court due to differing financial viewpoints is about as unromantic as you can get.

Some of may explore topics such as financial therapy now due to Mercury’s link to our minds and change our ideas about money. We may talk about money, salary, earnings and what our ‘money stories’ are in new and candid ways. And author a new one as we do for the future as Mercury squares Saturn in the Now Age sign of Aquarius on the 28th. Currency is another word for money and Aquarius and its ruler Uranus (which is also in Taurus right now) is linked to electricity and ‘current’. So, this week says make a trade when it comes to your ideas and story around money. And plug into a new currency of abundance as you do!

In a nutshell: Ready for a new story around you and abundance? Let go of that outdated dialogue around un-deservedness and lack. This week focusses on new ideas not just around money – but your relationship to your own worth.

27 Apr 2020 MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS (Taurus)


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