New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse June 2020

New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse June 2020

Solar Eclipse June 2020 Astrology

Solar eclipse Quincux Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius


cancer new moon solar eclipseGet ready Soul Superherx,

In June, the New Moon in Cancer and solar eclipse are lifting a veil on our experience of security. Thanks to a Quincunx with Saturn (Sounds rude! What the hell is a qunicunx? A quincunx is an angle that makes us feel hemmed in), Now is the time to ask yourself “how safe am I feeling?”

 There’s a dramatic revelation coming, all about responsibility, and the freedom in our life. The joy of any revelation is that it gives us a different perspective, it’s the key to opening a new soul path.

 Perhaps you have a family or work responsibility that you feel is stopping you from stepping into your destiny or power? Maybe there are still issues around self worth? Prepare to be honest with yourself, and the answer arrives.

The North Node in Gemini is helping by giving us the gift of intellectually understanding what emotions we need to let go of, the North Node reflects our soul growth and future karma so it’s likey to be a significant shift

Don’t forget, Solar Eclipses can feel pretty intense, and the most valuable info unfurls later on, eclipses never reveal the full information all at once. We benefit from it most if we’re calm in the moment and reflect on the messages. However, this can be more easily said that done as eclipse energy is unsettling and emotional.

 Oh, and don’t forget it’s Mercury retrograde, so even more reason not to avoid jumping to conclusion!

The tides tend to go to extremes on a New Moon, and the eclipse will boost this. In the outer world, we might see wild weather, possibly even an earthquake as the eclipse energy unsettles the earth as well as our souls! 

This eclipse also reflects back to the Full Moon Cancer eclipse in January at the start of the pandemic’s worldwide spread. By the end of June, we are going to have important news on where the pandemic is heading.

New Moon in Cancer

The crabby New Moon in Cancer connects deeply to the Solar Eclipse. She’s an important yet complicated New Moon that heightens our emotions and tries to push us through our insecurities.

 In my experience, insecurities release themselves a layer at a time, there’s always work to do. Healing our inner child and finding the freedom to be ourselves is essential for our growth. During this delicate process, we must be gentle and kind with ourselves.

 New Moons are all about dumping the past and starting a fresh chapter. Cancer New Moon can help with moving, starting a family, working through vulnerabilities, etc. Her gift is one of increased heartfelt confidence.

4 Ways To Make The Most Of New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse 🌑

1: Nest, nest, nest! Focus on your home. Declutter. Look at each room as if it’s the first time you have seen it. Is it cozy? Does it nurture you? What can you shift, dump, and let go of? Which room do you feel the most comfortable in and which place do you ignore?

 2: Connect with the fam. Make extra space this week to give your favorite family members (and not so fav!) some attention. Zoom them for a chat, send them an old school card telling them how you appreciate them. Text an old photo of a good time you had together. You’ll be amazed at the joy small acts of love can bring.

 3: Make yourself a meal of dreams (even if beans on toast are your thing, do it). If you fancy cooking a simple meal for yourself or a loved one, go all out with candles, music etc. Take time to notice and enjoy the small things.

 4: Nourish your soul. Do things that make your heart sing. What delights you and makes you feel safe and secure? Schedule time out to indulge your senses. Perhaps crystal meditation? Or give yourself a Tarot reading, and most of all commit to loving yourself as you do others.


Once we go through a New Moon and Solar eclipse life is never quite the same again. What new path will you set?


     Sending moonbeams and magic to you


     Michele x


N.B New Moons are normally great for manifesting except when there’s an eclipse.