Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 10 2020 – POWER

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 10 2020 – POWER

By our astrologer Elena

Everybody wants to rule their world!

Bow to self-worth

Let go of what no longer serves you

Vesta enters show-stopping Leo this week. Expect to be reading about gender politics across showbusiness, the media and even royalty (which Leo rules).

Walk towards a better beginning

In our own lives this applies to sovereignty. Having it, getting it and respecting it. It’s about joint rulership and equality across all areas. There’s no hiding it when Leo is involved. It’s ruled by the Sun and unless it is eclipsed, the Sun’s light highlights everything. And where you need to take action as on the 15th, the Sun makes a confidence asserting move as it trines Mars in its ruling sign of Aries.

None of us should be afraid to ask for that all important sovereignty now. And equality in all relationships. If we are not getting this, we also need to be unafraid to walk our talk but walking away if necessary. But bear in mind the flip-side of leaving is walking towards something better!

Actions say everything

Mars in Aries always says: ‘Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words’. So bear this in mind. Especially when dealing with others. Are their actions the same as their promises? Do they have the ‘Royal seal’ on them? As in, do they deliver on what they say? This week could see us looking at the leaders out there and seeing if they are coming from a ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’ perspective.

Know you rule!

In our personal lives this can relate to how we expect to be treated. In our relationships and the world at large. Our second house rules self-worth and values. The 16th sees shake n’ bake Uranus pull a retro move in here. Expect to be looking at how everything around you (and that includes your money and people!) are reflecting how you value yourself. The lover that promises you the world but doesn’t actually deliver it for instance? The boss who keeps promising you that raise.

Venus in Cancer, sign of self-protection and things that hit close to home, trines Ceres in intuitive Pisces on the 16th. If a move needs to let something go in order to have something better and give that self-worth a shout-out, this is revealed now.

You rule how you are treated – even if others can’t keep their word. This week wants us all to know that.

In a nutshell: Look to actions and how their align with what people are saying. Are words gold-standard or empty promises? You’ll know the difference this week. And also what to do about it!

12 Aug 2020 VESTA ENTERS LEO (Leo)

15 Aug 2020 SUN IN LEO TRINE MARS IN ARIES (Leo to Aries)


16 Aug 2020 VENUS IN CANCER TRINE CERES IN PISCES (Cancer to Pisces)


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