Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 31 2020

Full Moon in Pisces

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 31 2020

Redefine what a success story is

Doors to opportunity open based on what you’ve learned

Get ready for soul school graduation!

It’s a week where many of us could reap rewards and see doors opening. Or they will remain closed. It’s not about right and wrong. Success or failure. In the grand scheme of soul learning – which is what we are all here to do, it’s about experience. We are all souls having a human experience. And this week is going to remind all of us of that in some way.

The Sun in earthy Virgo trines unexpected Uranus on the 1st. The same say as Venus in Cancer opposes retroactive Saturn in its ruling sign of Capricorn. The 2nd hands us the ability to bring about powerful results or bring something to a culmination or key stage. Especially if this is connected to our career, public image or even our wellbeing.

Experience adds up to a success story

This day sees Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury trine retro Saturn. Note both planets are in their ruling houses. We also have a highly intuitive full Moon in Pisces occur on the same day. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac. It’s a highly mysterious sector of our charts. It’s where soul lesson and our highest purpose resides. I’m not now talking about worldly success or our career path. Although this does have a bearing. I am talking about what we are really here to do as souls. Which is have experiences and learn from them.

So, no matter what your learning curve has been so far, if you have taken these experiences on board and seen them as just that, this week could see you ‘graduate’ and move on up. For some, this could be stepping free of old patterns. Others could bring a business or career cycle to a key stage, then release it and wait for the results.

Love is the new collaboration

The 5th sees Mercury arrive in Libra – sign of partnerships and balance. So, as Venus which rules Libra moves into proud and show-stopping Leo the following day, this may see many of us entering into new working, loving and collaborative partnerships.

If you are not looking at the results you expected, or if you are finding doors still closed to you, the great thing as we head into September is that you are about to receive a gift. You’ll stocktake those experiences and then use them to move forward again. We’re all souls in the School of Experience here on earth. And when we reframe everything we do in this light, and see it as an opportunity to learn, we all move on up. Get graduating this week!

In a nutshell: Stop thinking of life in terms of success or failure. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for the planet. We’re all souls having a human experience. So, use your experiences to create fresh opportunities this week!

1 Sept 2020 SUN IN VIRGO TRINE URANUS IN TAURUS (Virgo to Taurus)



2 Sept 2020 FULL MOON IN PISCES (Pisces)

5 Sept 2020 MERCURY ENTERS LIBRA (Libra)

6 Sept 2020 VENUS ENTERS LEO (Leo)