Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 7 2020 – Opportunity

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 7 2020

It’s a No Fear week

If you have to work hard to fan the flames, the fire may be out

Go where opportunity wants to take you

Get grounded and bring those ideas down to earth this week! Reality strikes with an opportunity creating Grand Earth Trine on the 8th. But it’s all down to us to do the work and take practical steps when it comes to getting what we want!

The 8th sees the Sun in detail-oriented Virgo aligns with door-opening Jupiter in Capricorn – the sign of those at the top and our public status and ability to achieve. It also aligns to the Moon in practical yet sensual Taurus. You know what you want. And this is a portal to getting it. But Jupiter in Capricorn says commitment is called for. Ready to bring it? A little self-belief and surety goes a long way for us all this week.

Do it and do it now

The start of the week tells us all to seize the moment and not procrastinate. If we do, we may waste the potential. Mars retrograde rarely. In its ruling sign of Aries this is even more unusual. But we are living in unusual times. The 10th sees Mars head backwards in here. Mars rules action and also our confidence. Especially in its ruling sign where this is all tied to self-belief, how others see us (or how we think they see us!) and our ability to ‘go for it’. It’s telling us to do just that before the 10th. And also, to expect delays afterwards.

Things may not ‘catch fire’ or simply fizzle out. If this happens it is important to understand there is nothing you can do to fan the flames. In fact, any attempts to do so could in fact have the opposite effect of the one we are hoping for. If the fire goes out, reflect on whether its worth re-lighting it.

Try a different approach for a new result

A new or different approach to the one we usually reach for may be in order. And served up by Mercury in Libra opposing Chiron also in Aries on the 11th. But beamed in courtesy of the Sun in Virgo also opposing Neptune in Pisces the same day. What can I say? Everyone’s superpower could reside in working those hunches and flashes of inspiration now! Inspiration literally means ‘in spirit’. So, cooperate, collaborate and above all, go where spirit is telling you to

The outcome could just see the return of an opportunity as fat planet Jupiter finally moves forward in Capricorn on the 13th. This same day also sees Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. Love or something like it as the late, great Kenny Rodgers put it, could just come in from an unexpected direction or the results we get may look different to what we expected.

Just because it doesn’t look like it should, doesn’t mean it won’t fit us perfectly. Let go of the need to push and also let go of any ideas around ‘one size fits all’ love this week.

In a nutshell: This week asks us to look at what effortlessly opens up to us – vs. what simply won’t ignite no matter how hard we try. And no matter what opportunity looks like – to go with it.


8 Sept 2020 GRAND EARTH TRINE: Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus trine Sun in Virgo (Virgo to Capricorn to Taurus to Virgo)

9 Sept 2020 SUN IN VIRGO TRINE JUPITER IN CAPRICORN (Virgo to Capricorn)




13 Sept 2020 JUPITER DIRECT IN CAPRICORN (Capricorn)

13 Sept 2020 VENUS IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (Leo to Aries)



By our fabulous Astrologer and Psychic Elena