Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 21 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 21 2020

Bring balance to the love force!

Go deeper into your connection

Happy birthday, Libra!

Partnerships take on a new depth and resonance this week as Juno which rules marriage and commitments arrives in Scorpio on the 21st.

The day after, the Sun enters Libra. Also, the sign of partnerships, double acts of all descriptions and long-term loves. Your past, present or potential partner, business or working partnership or bff. Or yes, even that person who gets in your grill. That frememy, rival or opponent.

Bring some balance to the love force

Time for a new love dynamic! This cycle is asking us to bring balance back into our love force. To look at what we share with others – be it ourselves or what we have in terms of material assets, and see whether things are balanced and equal. If we look at Juno in mythology, she was the wife of Jupiter (Zeus). She turned a blind eye to his many infidelities down here on earth with us mere mortals. Yet she ruled by his side.

The character of The Good Wife carries Juno themes if you are familiar with that TV series. The day the Sun arrives in Libra we also have Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, conjunct Vesta in Leo. Vesta rules gender issues, sexism and equality. In the media we may be confronted with more examples of these. And even see a ‘Good Wife’ stick by a prominent man accused of them. Or perhaps not for once.

The future face of love gets a make-over!

The 24th sees Mercury in Libra oppose retroactive Mars in Aries. Mars retrograde either sees us unable to take action, lead to over-reaction or else, push us into taking actions long overdue. Many of us may opt for the latter, asking for the love balance and equality in our relationships we know we are due. Or simply saying ‘No’ to keeping up the status quo. This could lead to a positive ‘about face’ in love or what we are looking for from any kind of close relationships for our future.

Redefine your role

Renegotiating those love boundaries and our role in our relationships and the willingness to talk about this follow Mercury’s arrival in Scorpio on the 27th. Money, shared assets, loans, mortgages, salary, benefits and other kinds of payments may also be up for discussion. As could something as simple as who does what around the home or with childcare.

We need to strive not just for equality this week but also the ability to connect and communicate on a deeper level. No more superficial talk or glossing things over. All human interactions are communication. So, look to what area in your life where you need to open up a new, deeper and more meaningful discussion. Especially if this involves going into territory you would normally avoid!

A little bit of bad goes a long way

It’s all about giving up something – maybe pride, fear or the need to be right, that results in us getting something better. Because there’s a new world opening up for all of us to reach those love goals. The 27th sees Ceres back up into Aquarius again. Ceres is all about the power of compromise. New worlds and new deals. This week says don’t stay silent on the subject of love if this is what you are seeking. And if your inner Good Wife could do with a bad attitude – time to let her speak her truth!

In a nutshell: It’s all about the balance in love this week. Your past, present or potential partner could feature. Want a new beginning? Talk gets your closer. Love says: Don’t stay silent.

21 Sept 2020 JUNO ENTERS SCORPIO (Scorpio)


22 Sept 2020 SUN ENTERS LIBRA (Libra)


27 Sept 2020 MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO (Scorpio)



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