Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 19th 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 19th 2020

Solutions send you soaring

Get ready for rebirth and reinvention

Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Expect solutions, opportunities and just pure relief as we get an easing in the retrograde weather that’s blowing us backwards right now. Or at the very least, making forward progress difficult.

Playing for keeps

There’s a major shift occurring that allows us to literally transcend something that’s been weighing us down or keeping is stuck for far too long. Simple solutions could prove most effective so watch for them and the release they offer on the 19th when Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter, planet of opportunity in Capricorn. This same day also has retro Mercury meet Juno, ruler of long-term commitments and marriage in Scorpio. This is no quick fix but something lasting.

Keep the eternal flame burning

Striking a deal with someone, bringing back balance and validation for tending to the small stuff while you kept that dream alive could follow. Venus makes another fabulous easing angle on the 21st – this time to Pluto. While the Sun in Venus’s ruling sign of Libra trines Ceres in revolutionary Aquarius.

The 22nd sees that object of devotion and eternal flames, Vesta, enter the sign of duty and devotion – Virgo. Again, if we’ve committed to the long haul or done the work, this could mark the point for many of us – especially the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, where we receive the pay off. Or else get to experience the benefits of the effort we have put in.

Phoenix – arise!

Happy birthday to all Scorpios out there. If you visit horoscope.co.uk on a regular basis you’ll know the ancient symbol for your sign is not just the scorpion. But the phoenix. The Sun arrives in your sign on the 22nd awakening within you, the desire to rise up again, reinvent yourself and soar!

Something could return or be reimagined for your new cycle as the 25th has the Sun meet retro Mercury in Scorpio. What returns now has your name on it, Scorpio.

The rest of us could literally feel the easing of restrictions on an energetic level as Venus in Virgo lightens the load as it trines Saturn in ruling Capricorn on the 24th. This week lightens the load for all of us on some level. It’s not just Scorpios getting that opportunity for rebirth or a relaunch. All of us can find a way to fly free from what weighs us down this week.

For more insight, book an in-depth session with one of our gifted astrologers who will open up your birthchart and give you exact dates to work from. Your timing is in the stars!

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Scorpio. You’re the magician of reinvention and rebirth. And you’re showing us all how to transcend and soar away from restrictions this week. It’s soul alchemy!