Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 2nd 2020

Jupiter in astrology

Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 2nd 2020

Get ready for success YOUR way!

Make a lasting promise

Reach for a new kind of opportunity

The final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in our lifetimes begins to occur this week on the 7th. (exact on the 12th)

Opportunity rings three times

During Jupiter’s stay in Capricorn, as it has met Pluto not once but three times now, we have been asked to transform on a soul level in order to take advantage of new kinds of opportunities. To take advantage of them, we may have had to leave our comfort zones or radically change our definition of what success looks like.

We could well be offered another chance this week to reach for something bigger. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat all alone at the top of the mountain peak. It has got there through taking a long and often difficult path and through sheer diligence and determination. So, sticking to the path less travelled could pay off for many of us this week.

The flip side is the person at the top who has got there through exploiting others, underhanded means or abuses their power. If so, this meeting between Jupiter and Pluto could see them topple down. It’s reckoning time now either for a job well done or to account for your actions.

Make it count

So, we can’t overlook the fact that this week is the US election date. Watch what occurs there. Mercury which rules the postal service (postal votes) has been retrograde and is stationary direct heads direct once more on the 3rd – the day of the election. So, this could be worse as in the election takes place slap bang in the middle of the retrograde. But possibilities include accusations of vote rigging, interference, recounts or even in the case of extreme Pluto in Capricorn personality types (I mention no names!) refusal to accept the result.

Don’t worry however, as Jupiter ultimately trumps (no pun intended) Pluto. Solutions are to hand for all of us.

This week also sees a meeting of minds and souls and future promises as the Sun and Juno meet on the 8th in Scorpio. This is all about the future commitments we enter into. Ones that are lasting or at the very least, difficult to break. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, rebirth and deep transformation. And it is ruled by Pluto of course. So, promises could not only be for keeps this week, but could change our world. From the ballot box to your heart – make yours.

In a nutshell: Time to re-imagine what opportunity looks like. And to leave our comfort zones to claim it if need be. What we commit to this week could change our world. So, play for keeps now!