Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 7th 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 7th 2020

Who makes it happen? You do!

Karma points the way to a fresh destiny

Explore a fresh path for the Now Age

Actions in the present are based on what we have learned from the past. And in turn set the future in motion this week.

We could be all wanting escapism. To free ourselves of restrictions. And to step into self-empowerment and freedom. All this is happening ahead of the Now Age of Aquarius which begins this month.

For now, the Sun in expansive and optimistic Sagittarius trines Mars in its ruling sign of Aries. It’s not just a call to experience more but to move into self-determined freedom. Who makes it happen? You do!

We all need to embrace the fact that despite this being the festive season, there is no Santa Claus, no fairy god-person, no magic bullet. Yes, we can make that wish. But having done so, we need to take our fate into our own hands and move with it. Mars is all about action. Especially in its ruling sign.

Call this powering yourself up for what’s to come. All this happens on the 11th which will be a freedom fated day for all of us. Why? This day also sees the Sun oppose the North Node in Gemini, Sagittarius’s opposite sign. So, this means the Sun in conjunct the South Node.

The Nodes rules karma and timing. They work in 19-year cycles. Literally – what goes around comes around. If we want to see what is coming up in the big wide world out there (which Sag rules incidentally), then we need to be jumping back in history in 19-year increments to look at the patterns which are emerging. Especially if we want to understand what may be hidden in the shadow of next week’s eclipse.

Re-explore the Road not Taken

On a more personal note, this could be about the roads not taken and an opportunity to go down them once more. What’s your decision this time based on what you have learned? If you were under 18 19 years ago – or not even here yet, you could be at the point where past life themes repeat. All of us have the opportunity to set new karma in motion this week. If you’ve hesitated exploring something that looks and feels similar to what is on offer this week in the past – choose again and different in the present. A whole new journey is on offer. One that takes us all into the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Fated themes and destiny driven actions define this week. Ahead of the Now Age and an eclipse, we’re being offered an opportunity to choose again. Or to re-take that path not taken.

11 Dec 2020 SUN IN SAGITTARIUS TRINE MARS IN ARIES (Sagittarius to Aries)