Mars in Taurus – Slow and Steady, Sensual and True

mars in taurus transit

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Are you ready for a massive energy shift? Mars enters Taurus after an extended stay in go, go, go Aries. It’s now time to explore what is of real value to us, both individually and collectively. Although traditionally Mars is technically in its ‘detriment’ in Taurus it’s a handy vibe to have in lockdown. Why? Because Mars in Taurus can keep going, can indulge, gather strength from security and close contacts. Mars in Taurus can wait it out while all the while taking small alchemical steps towards victory.

What we have already committed to becomes everything to us. If you’re pausing to wonder what or who should be around you in the next phase examine your patterns.

The final flashes of Mars in Aries can lead to questioning what’s relevant. Mars in Aries can be independent and maverick, while Mars in Taurus needs long term assurance and solid foundations.

mars in taurusHow do you feel about commitment? Mars in Taurus will help connect us to who and what is important to our soul journey.

Slow, sensual, loyal, and stubborn Mars in Taurus will take each necessary step forward.

To add to the grounded flavour of 2021 it’s also the year of the Ox in Chinese astrology which has a slow and steady vibe.

OK, there’s a challenging square to Saturn on the 13th. The gift? If we commit to what has true value to us, we will prevail. Even if we feel locked in (literally due to lockdown), small steps lead to liberation.

Oh, and Uranus is sprinkling some chilli pepper on the vibe. There will be unexpected opportunities. Trust your intuition and onwards!