Mercury in Aquarius Transit – Liberation through unity

mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius Transit

Hello Wonderful one,

On the 8th of Jan 2021, Mercury, the planet of communication, launches itself into visionary Aquarius. Mercury loves to hang out in Aquarius. Mercury in humanitarian Aquarius gives us all an opportunity to open our minds to a genius idea, to detach from our emotions so that we can see the bigger picture. To understand that our individuality is important, all the while awakening to the knowing, that we are also all one.

Caught in a swamp of overwhelming feelings? Mercury in the water bearer guides us to break the ties that bind us.

Thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (not to mention the Grand Conjunction on 21st December), Aquarius offers us one of the most important soul lessons of this year  (and beyond!). So what is the Aquarius vibe? It’s all about equality, unity, freedom, and inventiveness. How can we greater express these qualities in our lives?

The Mercury in Aquarius transit encourages us to embrace and accept other people’s differences and helps heal polarity. Which let’s face it is an essential cosmic tonic in these split times.

Aquarius embodies the phrase ‘my unique soul honours your unique soul’ as we seeks to find love and common ground. If we want the world to change it is our responsibility to come together, to find a new way of solving problems. Hopefully, Mercury in Aquarius will inspire us to do that.

When Mercury hooks up with Aquarius, we can tune into our visionary wisdom and conjure up creative and original solutions. I find it especially useful in detangling complicated emotions. If you were free to express your authentic soul fully, what would life look like?

Do you have a vision of your future? How can you make that vision a reality? Mercury in Aquarius helps us Lasso ideas, ones that are usually outside our everyday realm of thinking. Mercury in Aquarius, draws the future nearer. Onwards!

Much love to you
Michele x