No Fate But The One We Make: Mars and the North Node in Gemini

north node conjunct mars

No Fate But The One We Make: Mutable Weather, Mars and the North Node in Gemini

Fate is destiny, destiny is fate. What’s the difference and do we have any control over this? Big questions that all of us are likely to be asking due to the massive mutable weather sweeping through the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces during March and onwards.

Cross of Changes

When we think about the word ‘mutable’ we think change, mutation, X-factors (as in the X-Men franchise), adaptation and our own ability to adapt, grow and learn from experiences. This weather tells us staying stuck is not an option. And that we need to keep changing along with what changes around us. This is the microcosm and macrocosm and how they reflect one another and interact. And our place within them. As the saying goes: As Above, So Below. Everything is a reflection of this.

Power of Choice

When big events in the outside world impact on us – the Coronavirus pandemic being one, we have no control over this. But we can control how we react and adapt. This is where the personal aspect of destiny comes in. We may not be able to change what we experience, but we are in control of how we choose to experience it. This in turn, puts us back in charge of our fate.

What we need to understand with this intense Gemini/Mutable cycle is that things will keep on changing and mutating. But knowing this up-front, we ready ourselves to look for the opportunities rather than the restrictions or feeling we are swept along by forces beyond our control.

Check Your Chart for Amazing Mutable Signs of the Times

Check your chart for mutable elements. This includes a mutable ascendant, IC or midheaven. And especially the North Node in a mutable sign. Make a note of any natal planets you have in mutable signs. If you are unsure, our astrologers are here to help you.

The next fated chapter will begin for many of us when Mars meets the North Node in Gemini on March 26, 2021 at 13 degrees. If you have factors at 13 degrees of a mutable sign you will be impacted by this. Mars is all about action. So, this is your ‘No fate but the one we make’ moment. You take action to set a new fate in motion and/or close off an old one.

Look what begins but feels familiar. What response is needed. If you are old enough look back 19 years. Or even another 19. What is repeating now can be responded to in new ways. Because you are the difference!

As well as this, we have Mercury, ruler of mutables Gemini and Virgo, in mutable Pisces at 14-15 degrees the day this happens. Juno at 21 degrees of Sagittarius and Vesta in close orb at 16 degrees of Virgo.

This Mutable weather will continue and peak again between May-July when we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus enter Gemini – and all will meet the North Node, and then Jupiter will move into Pisces from May 13 – July 28. Again, this asks us to reach for new ideas on how to adapt to and also make the most of this ever changing world we find ourselves in at the moment.

Your Silver Linings Playbook for Mutable Times:

  • Take action on your ideas. But be prepared to adapt these as needed
  • Don’t get too attached to your dreams. Of course have them but ask yourself if 1: They are practical and then 2: Is there another version of this dream I can have/do/experience right now?
  • Reach for a new choice that makes you leave your comfort zone. Don’t fall back on past decision making. Look to where or what your choices brought you. Fate is saying your power to choose is your freedom to change your fate.
  • Play with quantum mechanics! Think of reality as something you can bend or change. Before you make a choice, explore every possible outcome in your imagination as to where it could take you. Go back in time and imagine where you would be today had you made a different choice in the past. Rewind time then leap forward. This can be fun and revealing. As well as helping you make that fate work for you for the future.
  • Spoilt for choice? Or simply unsure and frightened of making the wrong one? Meditate on the card of Temperance in the Tarot. It is linked to the mutable sign of Sagittarius. It also represents balance and flow. This can help you stay grounded while contemplating what actions you need to take.

Know that fate is not set. Yes, there are certain people, situations and experiences we signed up for before we got here. But we were given the right to choose too. We are the stuff stars are made of. And astrology is simply the stars in motion. Mutable weather says stay in motion. And move your fate forward now.


By our astrologer Elena