Monthly General Astrology Forecast May 2021


Monthly General Astrology Forecast May 2021

Don’t just Go Boldly – leap

You need the whole package

Happy birthday, Gemini!

We’re back in retrograde and eclipse weather this month. After a period of forward motion, be prepared to slow down and yes, maybe recharge and smell the roses.

The biggest event of the month however is Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces on May 13. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Think journeys of the soul and spirit. Deep dives into the depths. Travelling back to the past. And higher learning.

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in here. This will be a brief visit as Jupiter will just dip a toe into Pisces’ watery realm before heading back into Now Age Aquarius again in July. Jupiter will return to Pisces in December. So, consider this the beta version rather than Jupiter 2.0.

Heightened compassion, great leaps of the imagination in the realms of physics, exploration and medicine could result. Expect the oceans and all things connected to them to feature. From shipping to conservation to new sources of food. Seaweed for instance. Whales in particular and large mammals will be in focus. This also includes horses as Neptune, the modern-day ruler of Pisces, is credited in mythology with creating the horse. While Jupiter and Sagittarius rule horses especially horse racing as Jupiter rules betting and gambling. So, the racing industry may also be in focus now.

May the Force Be With You!

Jupiter rules travel and long journeys too. Depending on where we are in the world and how Covid is impacting on us, some of us may travel or return to places from our past. Or even past lives. Jupiter in here may well see reincarnation a hot topic now. Space travel may also feature as could the search for faster-than-light propulsion systems.

Mercury enters its ruling sign of Gemini on May 4th – yes, another sci-fi theme emerges this month (Jupiter in Pisces says that journey can be via the imagination). It will start to slow from the 15th preparing to throw that warp drive into reverse from the 29th.

We are now in big mutable weather. Venus enters Gemini on the 9th and we will see this Gemini stellium begin to interact with the North Node in here. So, think 19-year cycles. Remember – mutable means ‘changing’. Take it nothing is set now and ideas are subject to change. It may help as the Mercury retrograde cycle approaches to think of it as a retro on steroids even before it has begun. The more open, flexible and adaptable we remain, the more poised we will be to take advantage of the opportunities which may come spinning out of stardust for us (Jupiter rules luck – don’t forget that!).

Before the Sun’s arrival in Gemini, we have Ceres’ arrival in Taurus on May 9 and a New Moon in here on the 11th. It’s time to plant seeds for our future when it comes to money, abundance, and self-esteem. In fact, for those worldly/material ambitions, this is a wonderful New Moon to begin to relate to what we have or want in a new way. It’s more than just money. It’s energy and with Ceres in the mix – conservation too. Caring for what we have and using it in new ways. This isn’t about consumerism but more about ‘less is more’. Quality over quantity. Valuing what we have and also ourselves. You can re-boot your financial and your love future here.

Enquire Within!

Gemini is the most mentally adept and inquiring sign of the zodiac. They love to play with ideas. And talk about them too. When it comes to love, quicksilver Gemini’s need that mental hotness happening as well as the outer sizzle. Otherwise, they become bored. Yes, they can be extra. Two for the price of one in fact. What’s not to love as the Sun lands in their sign on the 20th?

Be like a Gemini now and leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring ideas or unleashing that psychic detective. Also, with a big stellium in their 1st, Gemini’s embrace their superpower of the power of ideas and what they put out there to attract what they want. Now, this is again, something we can all look at no matter what sign we are. Gemini’s desire to have the whole package – the mental and physical turn on, is in fact, a recipe for love success. Because sooner or later we have to come out of the bedroom and start talking. And if there’s nothing then to talk about – uh oh.

Hack those Retro Rules

So, go for broke and go for both this month if you are seeking love or any kind of ‘double act’. Now for the caveats. You knew they would be coming right?

We are back in retrograde weather. Saturn shifts backward in Now Age Aquarius from the 23rd. This may impact on restrictions around us. Either easing or tightening them depending on where you are.

We are also back in eclipse weather too. We have a full eclipsed Supermoon in Sagittarius on May 26. This is a total eclipse so this is a big cover up. Just hours before this happens, this waxing Moon will square Sagittarius’s ruling planet, Jupiter in Pisces. Remember, Pisces rules things that are hidden. The covert, invisible. Spies, undercover operations, investigations, detectives, MI6 and the CIA – all these are Pisces themes. Jupiter rules borders and global movement. Shipping, airlines, the supply chain, gloablisation, emigration and movement.

All this occurs days before Mercury slams on the brakes in its ruling sign. If travelling – and some people are still, you don’t just need a Plan B now. You need Plans B thru Z. Keep up to date on border controls and the latest travel information.

The rest of us – talks or discussions may stall or reverse. Take it there are gaps in your knowledge or things you don’t yet know. If someone is trying to rush to get you over the line on anything – that’s a red flag. And if you do experience reversals and delays, then don’t try to push forward now. There may be a good reason for this which you don’t yet know.

As we head for June the message is explore your own inner world or the one you find yourself in right now. There is treasure or something new to be discovered. The whole package in love is what we should all aim for too. There’s so much to be discussed this May. And more to be revealed.

In a nutshell: Jupiter arrives in Pisces this month asking us to travel into incredible possibilities via our imaginations. When it comes to love this May – the Force is with those who go for the whole package!


May 2 2021 Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (Taurus to Capricorn)

May 4 2021 Mercury Enters Gemini (Gemini) – May the 4th Be With You!

May 6 2021 Venus in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn (Taurus to Capricorn)

May 8 2021 Venus in Taurus Square Jupiter in Aquarius (Taurus to Aquarius)

May 9 2021 Venus Enters Gemini (Gemini)

May 9 2021 Ceres Enters Taurus (Taurus)

May 10 2021 Mercury conjunct the North Node in Gemini (Gemini)

May 11 2021 New Moon in Taurus (Taurus)

May 12 2021 Mercury in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius (Gemini to Aquarius)

May 13 2021 Jupiter Enters Pisces (Pisces)

May 15 2021 Mercury Retroshadow Begins in Gemini (Gemini)

May 15 2021 Mars in Cancer Quincunx Saturn in Aquarius (Cancer to Aquarius)

May 17 2021 Venus Conjunct the North Node in Gemini (Gemini)

May 20 2021 Venus in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius (Gemini to Aquarius)

May 20 2021 Sun Enters Gemini (Gemini)

May 21 2021 Sun in Gemini Square Jupiter in Pisces (Gemini to Pisces)

May 23 2021 Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (Aquarius)

May 23 2021 Mercury in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces (Gemini to Pisces)

May 26 2021 Waxing Full Supermoon in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces (Sagittarius to Pisces) (04.30)

May 26 2021 Full Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Sagittarius) (11.14)

May 27 2021 T-Square: Venus in Gemini Opposition Moon in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces Square Venus in Gemini (Gemini to Sagittarius to Pisces to Gemini)

May 29 2021 Mercury stationary retrograde conjunct Venus in Gemini (Gemini)

May 29 2021 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (Gemini)

May 31 2021 Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces (Cancer to Pisces)

May 31 2021 Sun Conjunct the North Node in Gemini (Gemini)